Lost 2.22: "Three Minutes"

Let the new influx of Sawyer/Jack slash fics begin!

Somebody please recap the show beginning at about the twelve-minute mark (Michael was cleaning the floor).

Stupid spring weather and stupid weather warnings.

What was the Hanso website? I’m not sure if it’s not working because I got it wrong or because it’s too busy.

Oh, only need about 4 minutes.

This. I can’t tell what it’s supposed to do.

It’s slow to load, probably due to traffic.

Oslo: While Michael was cleaning the floor, Eko came in and told him a story from when he was a priest in a small church in England. I believe it went like this:
There was a small boy who he noticed hanging in the back of the church for some time. After a while, the boy confessed he was there because he had beaten a dog to death with a shovel. He wanted to know if he would go to hell. It turns out the dog had bitten his little sister, and he felt he had to protect her. Eko told the boy that he felt God would understand, and that he would be forgiven for what he did. However, the boy wasn’t interested in being forgiven; what he was worried about was that when he went to hell, the dog would be there waiting for him.


OK, all I get at the Hanso website is a green page. I had to download the latest version of Flash on my IE, my Firefox didn’t flinch but also didn’t give me anything but a green screen. I tried tabbing and clicking everywhere, and nothing.

How come Sayid was the only one smart enough to figure out that Michael was up to something when he kept hysterically insisting that only Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley accompany him to find The Others, while giving no logical explanation whatsoever besides “I’m calling the shots here!” And where did our good friend John Locke take off to at the end of the episode?

And no one seemed to care that Michael called Hurley “Hugo.” He only knew his real name because of the list that lady gave him. Would have been easier to spot if he called Sawyer James but…considering the lack of info given up between Losties, i HIGHLY doubt that Michael was privy to Hurley’s real name.


At the site it takes a long time for me but a compass loads. If you move your mouse somewhere in the right bottom corner the numbers will pop up briefly. Click on the 108.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. Dial-up. Eh.

I think “Hurley = Hugo” was trivial enough that he can assume Michael found out about it off-camera.

But as for your first point, I totally agree. “A small group” is fine, but taking Hurley? The obese guy who faints at the sight of blood and has never demonstrated any combat aptitude ever? Why not Sayid? Or Eko with his tracking skills and Jesus Stick +3 vs Others? Or even Jin or Charlie? It’s a huge red flag and everyone else should have caught it.

I like the fact that they confirmed that there is no “scruffy” Others. Simply the clean Others in disguise. Walt mentioned something to the effect that They’re not what they appear – that “they’re just pretending”.

And did it appear to anyone else that in the first shot of Them shoving Walt through the door it wasn’t the same child actor who plays Walt? Seemed like a lot smaller kid. Like Walt was last season. But then perhaps I was just expecting to see a Walt after his growth spurt and thought he’d be bigger.

Did anyone else think that they managed to keep the camera moving whenever it was on Waaaaaaallllllltttt! so we couldn’t get a good look at him?

Do you think maybe they wanted to know if Michael was indeed Waaaaaaallllltttt’s biological dad because they might want to use him for breeding purposes?

I wondered about a new Waaaaaalllllllt too, but then I saw a promo for Jimmy Kimmel’s show tonight – the actor who plays Walt is a guest. Has to be the same kid.

Re: the website

If you’re like me and you need to know what the title “permissum vestri complector rector vos” means, and you look up each word individually, you’ll find that it’s latin for…

let your compass guide you.


What was the hatch logo? Looked like an LED number “8” to me.

Stylized compass is in the center, with a yin/yang symbol and a person in the background. It spins like a real compass would if it is confused. If you mouse over it, some numbers show up corresponding to various compass points: 36, 72, 90, 108, 144, 180, 216, 252, 270, 288, 324, 360. Associated with these numbers is another number: 36: + 0.726, 72: + 3.077, 90: 0, 108: -3.077, 144: -0.726542, 180: 0, 216: + 0.726, 252: + 3.077, 270: 0, 288: -3.0776, 324: 0.726542, 360: (not visible).

Anyone notice in the preview for next episode what looked a lot like a pile of those message tubes just lying in a big junk heap in the middle of the jungle? Makes me think the people watching and keeping the log were also lab rats in the maze.

Does anyone else think its a little weird that Fake Henry told John Locke that he came there for him, yet he wasn’t one on the list given to Michael?