Lost 2.20: "Two for the Road"

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Sorry, John Mace, but I couldn’t wait any longer for my precious Lost thread (plus, it’s fun knowing that I can start a thread that’s pretty much guaraunteed to hit four pages).

So, after a few weeks of hiatus, we’re back. Michael FINALLY reappeared, though there is still no sign of our growth-spurting, sickness-inducing, clairvoyant boy whose name is best heard screamed from the top of one’s lungs in the middle of a jungle.

Where has Michael been this whole time? What’s Henry Gale’s next move? Is Ana Lucia going to go all Jack Bauer on him? Will Locke remember the map on the blast door?

I’m excited about this one, though I have a feeling that Michael’s insights might, in typical Lost fashion, raise more questions than they answer.

From the ABC “Lost” website:

“Two for the Road” Jack and Kate bring an exhausted Michael back to the camp, and with him, news about “The Others.” Meanwhile, Ana Lucia attempts to get the prisoner to confess, and Hurley plans a surprise date for Libby.

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The Lost Report: A very well written summary of the most current episode often containing interesting insights. I don’t think you’ll find spoilers.

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Sledgeweb’s Lost… Stuff: Pretty good site, but again beware of spoilers. I use it mainly for the Timeline section, which is an incredibly detailed breakdown of “how long since…?” for almost anything you can think of (pre- and post-plane crash).

Door Map from Episode 2.17. A nicely cleaned up version of the diagram Locke saw while pinned under the lockdown doors. No spoilers.

So why did Michael wander off anyways?

Woah, has any buddy checked-out the re-vamped Hanso Foundation website?

Pretty crazy.

I’ve snooped around and didn’t find anything spoilerish, but worth checking out!


Michael ran off in search of Walt a while ago after having an AIM chat with him on the hatch computer. I thought he took a gun with him, but I’m not sure.

He went looking for WAAAALT!
Yay! Lost is back. Finally - seems like ages since it’s been on.

And it’s an Amazing Race night!

Psst. I think Harborwolf was making a funny. :smiley:

You aren’t very good at this. His name is spelled WA … Awww, nevermind.

Here’s a link to a pretty cool spoiler. It shows a set built for the finale.

Possibly the Others camp and a new hatch


Bah, you try to be helpful, and all you get is whoosh. :o

I guess that’s what I get for getting too drunk last night to remember to do this! :slight_smile:

BTW, we’re home free as far ar repeats go-- it’s 4 straight weeks of new episodes with the 4th being a 2-hour season finale. I’m excited. I think the producers are going to do things differently next year-- either split the season like Prison Break did, or start it in January like 24.

I know I’ve been predicting this every episode for quite ahile, but I still think Henry Gale is going to escape (probably thru some secret tunnel in The Hatch) and that Locke will help him do it.

If Michael says: I. HAVE. TO FIND. MY. SON. tonight, I’m going to puke.

Spoiler for tonight’s episode.

I’m reading in a lot of different places that Michael is going to shoot Ana and Libby. Perhaps he made some deal with the Others to get Waaaaaalt back.

I sure as hell hope not. Prison Break’s…er, break was really annoying, and I don’t wanna wait until January for yet another show on top of Scrubs and 24.

Anyway, I was thinking the other day how Lost hasn’t really set us up for any big season ending cliffhanger yet. Last year they had us wondering about the hatch starting at episode 12 or so. I have no idea how they’re gonna end this one.

Actually, if you sign up for the newsletter you get a message from Persephone telling you to call the number on the TV ad page. I can’t find a number though. And there’s the little maps of where they have active projects, with one of them being somewhere in the middle of the ocean and no info except gobbledygook.

And somehow you can get letters from the Global Welfare Consortium to Hanso, I don’t know how, but someone took screencaps and I put them together so you can actually read the letters (more or less). Letter 1, letter 2. Nothing spoilerish in them that I’ve noticed, except for they mention a disease which could explain why the qurantine of the island…

I read recently that what they want to do next year is break the season up into three parts to cover all the sweeps months. Basically, you’d get one batch of seven episodes straight through at a time for a 7/7/8 pattern. Not perfect, but a reasonable compromise IMHO. It remains to be seen if ABC wants to be reasonable.

Just in case…

Apparently one of the commercials during tonight’s show will be a commercial for the Hanso Foundation, which will include a link to the web site and a phone number. We’re just early… :smack:

Ahh. Then that’s probably why I can’t find the number.

I’m going out tonight, but I’m taping it so I’ll watch carefully. :slight_smile:

[sub]Chippendales or Lost? It’s so hard to choose between them![/sub]

I wondered if I’d catch someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

IIRC from last episodes preview, Michael says something about them not having a lot of security. Sort of implying that the losties can take the seabillies. We probably won’t get I. HAVE. TO FIND. MY. SON. . Instead we’ll get WE. HAVE. TO. GET. MY. SON. .

Just finished airing in Canada.

What a bloodbath.

Must… avoid… spoiler boxes!

Whoa. Ana Lucia “wanded” Jack’s dad. Kinky.