Lost 2.20: "Two for the Road"


Just saw an ad for the Hanso foundation.

They’re really messing with us!


Poor Hurley!

Holey unemployed actresses, Batman!

Holy Crap! :eek:



Didn’t see that coming…

Wow, harsh penalties for drunk driving…

didn’t see that coming. (at least not until Michael asked for the combination)

And that’s why you don’t drink and drive!

Well that’s one way to write them out of the show…


What the hell was that all about?

Oh man!
I’ve totally avoided spoilers for this week.
OH MAN! I had no idea that was going to happen.

Poor Hurley! At least Sawyer got a chance to “tap that” though, eh?
Wow. :eek:

They’ve put a chip in his brain. He’s one of them now. He’s being controlled!

I glanced away for a moment.

Did Mike Shoot Henry?

(and if so, why the bloodbath? AL was letting him do it)

You haven’t seen anything yet…

Go to http://www.thehansofoundation.org/
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Oh yeah, remember that phone number…

No, he shot himself. In the shoulder, though, which is a stupid way to try and die.

I think he shot himself - the previews showed him with a sling - maybe his story is that Henry got free and shot them all.

Also - how’d Michael get to be in charge of the future?

Either he is trying to initiate the war or he’s one of the “others” and has sucessfuly integrated himself into the group.

It looked a lot like Michael killed himself, but from the previews it looks like he lives. will he blame the killings on psuedo-Henry?

And ditto on the “don’t drink and drive” message.


Damn. Just damn. What a fucking ending.

Menocchio. Michael turned the gun on himself. Looks like he gave himself a Sawyer. He likely intends to say that Henry got the gun and popped them all.

Two possibilities here.

1)He’s trying to rally the troops as they are to go after WAAAAAAALT.

2)This ones a bit kinky. Michael has had his engrams checked and is now hopping couches with the seabillies. He’s either back to kill them all or (and this is the kinkier bit) he’s rallying them for an assault on the people he claimed are the others.

My thought on Michaels others is that they are another group of survivors. We know the seabillies aren’t all dirty. We’ve seen them without their union suits. That’s what the test is. I’m even kinda thinking that Michael was testing Ana Lucia by asking her to let him kill Henry. When she handed the gun over and told him the combination, she made herself undesirable.