Lost 2.4: "Everybody Hates Hugo" (OPEN SPOILERS)

First, the thread rules:

Everybody Hates Hugo… More Hurley backstory? Do we find out who BBD (Big Black Dude) is? Does Desmond just disappear into the jungle? Does Hurley find the chocolate bars? What has HTG (Hispanic Tequila Girl) been doing for the last 40 days? Does Hurley screw up a number entry task? Hurley, who “wasn’t meant to be on this flight”… And where is Walt? Is he the key to the mystery? Tune in to find out…

From the on-screen guide regarding this episode:

”Everybody Hates Hugo”: Inside the Hatch, Hurley’s past keeps resurfacing as he attempts to perform the tasks he has been assigned. Above ground, meanwhile, Rose, the group’s calming force, makes another appearance.

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We do know her name now… Ana Lucia.

I think Hurley gets given the task of entering the numbers (or should that be ‘The Numbers’? :wink: ), since he knows them so well, and screws up. Based on previews, I assume he goes snooping around and finds the food room.

He found the food room last week.

Woot! More Lost!

And I just want to say, before the episode airs (spec based on the preview for this week):

There’s no way Jin really speaks english. It’s a dream sequence or hallucination or something.

To extend of borachevsky’s comment:I’ve seen a clip that makes it clear that Jin speaking English is a hallucination.

But I have a feeling he will return to it. :wink:

I get the feeling Ana Lucia’s “tough girl” bit will wear thin for me. In the few scenes with her so far, she already gets on my nerves.

The actress is either weak or the part is one of those cliche “tough girl” roles that annoy the heck out of me.

Lost already has one of the coolest “tough girl” character ever put on the screen in Kate. Ana Lucia, and I guess I’ll need to see her in a full episode, just seems like a cliche.

sounds like an interesting Kate/Ana Lucia rivalry analogous to Sawyer/Jack…

Wow, 10th post and nobody’s whining about not getting enough answers yet. There’s hope for this thread!

Yeah, but it’s more fun to give them TLAs as everyone used to do in “24”. :slight_smile:

borschevsky: I have no doubt that your speculation is true. That preview seemed very dream-like.

I hope we learn more about Leonard, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the writers, having advanced the story so much in the last few episodes, will take a break and focus again on character development.

How many people on the island know his real name is Hugo Reyes? Locke does, but does anyone else?

God forbid we should get answers. My presence here would become even more useless than it already is. :wink:

Anyway - Woo-Hoo! Hurley episode.

Well, mine too, but keep in mind that she did just screw over three of our heroes. That’ll annoy anyone.

But she seems tough in a a different way than Kate.

Kate is criminal out for herself tough. Analucia is wily rebel leader tough.

Note the “leader”, our group has lacked one. Jack’s the closest, but he seems ill-suited towards leadership as he takes every loss and setback way too personally. He wouldn’t be able to delegate. And he’s too thinned skinned and hopt tempered to keep everyone’s respect. Ana could steal his crew.

I think Jack does, from the census episode, and I get the impression that at least some of the others do as well, although I can’t recall specific examples. Also Sawyer definitely doesn’t know, because he didn’t recognize the name Hugo when he was reading the bottle messages.

The fact that… there’s a guy in a chicken costume standing next to Jin seems to confirm this. :smiley:

Is that significant?

Only in that the episode is “…Hugo,” and not “…Hurley.”

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