Lost 1.24/1.25: "Exodus, Part Two"

Anyone who missed last week’s episode (Part One) can catch it again tonight (Tuesday) on ABC. Tomorrw (Wed) is the 2-hour conclusion. If you’re taping it, don’t forget it’s 2 hours this time.

First the rules:

Well, folks, this is it. The finale to end all finales. The mother of all endings. The moment of truth. We stand at the Crack of Doom, the final frontier, ready to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

What events will unfold? How many mysteries will be solved? How many new questions will arise? Is the skeleton in the hatch thingy, or in the Black Rock? Who steals TurnipHead? Does the raft faulter? Will the TCM reveal itself? And who is*

the stranger who arrives? Was that CFL, or is it supposed to be a new person? One of The Others?

This should be good-- real good. Is this not the “most anticipated TV event of the year?” Does that cliche finally describe things accurately?

*spoiler box for info taken off the on-screen guide’s summary for this episode.

And the burning question… will poor lil’ TurnipHead get a real name before next season?

Anybody catch TV Guide’s “Hot New Secrets From the Show’s Creators”?

The words that Boone heard were “We’re the survivors of Flight 815”. That’s the only “secret” I got an answer to in the entire article.

I am currently hot-and-heavy with the Seattle film festival, so I won’t be able to watch this episode until Monday night at the absolute earliest. :frowning:

What’s driving me insane is that CTV won’t show it until Thursday (according to TV guide). At least I have cable now and get ABC, so I can watch it there instead of having to wait a whole extra day.

That’s good to know for certain Rushgeekgirl I taped that so I have yet to watch it, but I figured that was what he heard. It sounds like that to me after listening about half a dozen times.

I like the idea that the first episode next season concerns the early day(s) of the folks who were in the tail section. Tequila-girl and Rose’s hubby, among others.

But then again, thats also just a reciprocal of what Boone said. It just might be an echo (also what the writer-dude said in that TV-Guide interview).

Aside from that, the TV-Guide article was very good and you should all read it if you like lost!

I watched the rerun of Exodus, Part One, tonight.

If this show doesn’t win the Emmy for soundtrack (or whatever an award might be called for music background), then it will be time for several people to do something really pointless and destructive. (Or whatever the hell the line is from Animal House.) The music fits so aptly with action onscreen that even the crusty Oslo Ostragoth gets a bit, er, misty, at times.

Need I mention that I cannot cannot cannot wait for the finale?

Tonight I will pray that the DVD recorder I bought on eBay last week arrives tomorrow so I can record the finale on DVD.

I want to see Locke back in Island guru mode and at least a glimpse of Walt’s supernatural powers (and I mean something more impressive than him beating Hurley 500 times at backgammon). A peek inside the hatch won’t hurt either. :smiley:

BTW, there’s a brief article in the current issue of The New Yorker that praises Lost (and it’s very rare for them to praise any TV show). You can read the article here.

When that scene (when Boone uses the radio in the other plane) first aired, there was a lot of confusion over exactly what he heard back in reply. Was it, “We’re the survivors of Flight 815!” - echoing what he said or possibly something being said by more survivors of the flight elsewhere on the island?
Or was it “There were no survivors of Flight 815!” If it was this second option, who said it? My vote was with the second one - I even rewatched it with the closed captioning on, and what was said back was "There were no survivors…"

Then - and this is important - when we saw the “Previously on Lost” thing in following weeks, that bit was definitely redone (redubbed, I guess?) and it was very clear that what he heard back was, “We’re the survivors of Flight 815!”
I felt like there was an emphasis on the word ‘we’re’ as if whoever said it was saying, “No, you’re not, we are!” I don’t think it was an echo.
My guess? Someone else on the island has a radio and was monitoring it and heard Boone. I think we’ll get a glimpse of more survivors at the very end tonight. People from the tail section; Rose’s husband - where was he; in the bathroom, right? And Tequila Girl. Anyone else that we’ve seen or heard of in flashbacks?

Oooo OOooo New Initial Alert.


Tequila Swilling Girl

Attention TiVo users,

My TiVo season pass did not schedule to record tonight’s episode. Don’t know why. I had to schedule it myself. Just FYI.

That last always made no sense to me. How would anyone know there were no survivors? S & R never found the nose or center sections of the plane, obviously. So survivors are always possible. Therefore, the voice had to have said “We’re” from the get-go. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure mine has it scheduled to record.

Although, now that I think about it, it’s not Tivo, it’s a DVR from my cable company so maybe that’s the difference.

Also, it’s always recorded that extra minute at the end that some others have had problems with.

But I’ll check it again just to make sure.

By the way, I’m really glad the finale is coming while I’m on day shift. If I was on evenings, I would have had to call in sick.

Or Tequila and Soda Girl. :slight_smile:

Just got a message on my cable box from Comcast. Theyr’re doing an “upgrade” to the system starting today and there may be some “interruptions” in service. What a bunch of idiots. Couldn’t wait one more week for all the season finales to be over. If they screw up “Lost”, my subscription with them will be “lost”.

I sure hope the weather is good tonight.

Last week there were thunderstorm warnings in Minnesota so for the entire hour they shrunk the screen down so they could put up the “Thunderstorm Warning” graphics. It shrunk my normal 32" picture down to a 19" picture. For the entire 60 minutes!
Twin cities viewers know what I’m talking about.

If that blip on the radar screen turns out to be a giant weather balloon rising up from the bottom of the ocean, that’s it for me :slight_smile:

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. “We want information.”

Of course, tonight’s episode will not answer the truly big question: How in the HELL am I going to live until next season’s premiere? I barely managed six weeks with out a new episode …

Well, the weather is crap so far up here (southern Pine County). I’m checking some maps and, although it’ll probably be rainy all day, none of it looks severe enough for storm warnings. Not yet, anyway.

“I will not take phone calls tonight. I will not take phone calls tonight…”