Lost 2.15: "Maternity Leave"

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While “Henry Gale” is being kept on ice, it appears that three of the women are off to see the Wizard, the Wizard of the medicine bunker, that is. So, we get to see Bunker #3 tonight. This seems to imply that Ethan was resident there. Any signs of Goodwin having been there, too? Maybe the mysterious Henry Gale?

Do we get to explore the burgeoning love between Hurley and Libby? And who really is Libby, anyway? How about some more Mr. Eko. We want more Mr. Eko! How about showing Black Locke the Black Rock…?

Oh, and the bad news is this the last new episode for 3 weeks (AFAICT). The next two weeks will be re-runs. :mad:

From the ABC “Lost” website:

“Maternity Leave” A desperate Claire, along with Kate and Rousseau, attempts a return to the scene of her kidnapping where she believes she might find the cure for Baby Aaron’s mysterious illness. Meanwhile, Jack and Locke must keep their prisoner a secret from the rest of the survivors.

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Who the farging hell came up with the air schedule for this show? Two weeks of reruns, a new show, two more weeks of reruns…are they TRYING to lose their audience?

Unless I miss my guess, we had ONE week of reruns before this new show.

I agree. It’s too much of a hassle to try and figure out when I should tune in to see a new show - getting close to the point I just say to hell with it. Too bad, I kinda like the show - but time’s too precious wasting it on continual reruns. Jeeze.

They need to string it out so that the season finale ends up in sweeps week in May. Isn’t that the most logical reason? I think all the major shows operate that way if they start out in September. “24” is able to go straight thru, but that show didn’t start until January.

I accept that reruns are a fact of life, as are Major Pre-Emptive Sporting Events and Important Happenings in the News. But somebody needs to tell ABC that “new, rerun, new, rerun, rerun, new, new, rerun, rerun, rerun, who the hell knows” doesn’t work. I would rather have two months of new episodes, three months of reruns, and then a push to the finish than this “Damn, is it new this week?” crap.

Like I’d ever stop watching, anyway. :smiley:

I hope that over time, more shows will be rerun-free like 24. I think Lost would benefit especially from having an unbroken run. It makes you feel like the plot’s moving along faster and keeps your excitement level up. I had more fun watching Season 1 when I could watch it all in more or less one fell swoop. One episode every week is the next best thing to DVD/borrowing tapes from friends.

This week, at least, we can do the “New Lost tonight! Woo hoo!” thing.

New Lost tonight! Woo hoo!

I’m a little irritated with having to guess when a new episode will air, but I’m still glad to be getting a new one.

Someone’s going to find out about the prisoner in the hatch. It ain’t soundproof!

This is why I love my Tivo. It knows when a new episode is showing, even if I don’t. :smiley:

It’s complacent attitudes like that that will allow machines to take over the world. For God’s sake, man, have you not seen The Terminator??? It all starts innocently enough. The DVR knows when to record our favorite shows. The fridge knows when to order more milk. The next thing you know, you’re being chased by Arnold Schwartzenneger through the drainage ditches in LA. And do you think Jack Bauer is going to be around to help you??? Well, do you…punk?

I, for one, welcome our new mechanical overlords. :stuck_out_tongue:

Prior to the past couple of weeks, I had watched maybe 1 or 2 random full episodes, and bits and pieces of maybe 3 more.

In October my girlfriend and I bought the Season 1 box set. Two weeks ago we finally decided to start watching it since we were burnt out with the Olympics.

We were instantly hooked, natch, watched an average of 3 episodes a day, and bought everything we could from Season 2 from iTunes once we had finished Season 1. We watched the last 5 Season 2 episodes last night. :smiley:

First I’m going to need to adjust to the commercials, then I’ll jump off the bridge of having to deal with reruns. Of course I could just distract myself with other things and keep downloading the new episodes as they’re released, commercial free, but I know myself, and I doubt I will have the willpower.

I have a boyfriend for that.

An alternative to guessing broadcast schedules: Epguides.com

I recommend dumping him for a Tivo. They’re more reliable. As I guy, I can assure you of that. :slight_smile:

Only 3 episodes a day? You guys must actually have a life. Everyone else I know who did this went thru the entire DVD set in 3 or 4 days.

I am not sure if anyone made this connection when we discussed the manuscript Hurley found (which is a real book being published as a tie-in to the series):

But, I just read somewhere… (courtesy spoiler even though it is not inside information).

Gary Troup, the credited author of the book who apparently died in the crash is an anagram for purgatory! How funny is that. They are SOOOOOOOO teasing us.

You can always keep yourself occupied during the waits by catching up on the 190+ pages of Lost threads here.

Of course, that way lies madness.

Well, see, he has a Tivo. So, really, I’m dating a Tivo, once removed.

Piffle. I am very much involved penguin in one of those threads and helicopter I’m as sane as anyone Oprah.