Lost 1.23 "Exodus, Part One"

First the rules:

Part One, as in the first part of the two-part season finale. Remember that next week’s episode is 2 hrs. Exodus must mean that the raft is launched. But we also see the return of CFL and, perhaps, The Others. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, this should be one wild ride!!!

I’m dying here, work seems endless today and all I want to do is go home and have it be 8:00. Anyone know whose, if anyone’s, backstory will be featured tonight?

No one’s in particular, but there are flashbacks to when everyone was at the airport and boarding the plane.

I’m expecting this and next week’s show to not have a backstory. I actually hope it comes off that way, so we can concentrate on action on the island.

“The others are coming. You have three choices: run, hide, or die.”

Oooooooooh baby. :smiley: This one could be a doozy.

So… will the “Others” be real people (like Ethan)? Or just disembodied whispering voices (as heard by Danielle, Sayid, and Sawyer so far)?

Will we see a return of the TCM? or maybe even a POG (Pissed-Off Giraffe)? :smiley:

Can’t wait!

Augggh! Smallville is ninety minutes tonight, and I have to leave almost immediately after it’s over to get a good seat for Episode III. By the time I get around to watching the tape, the thread will be four pages long. :frowning:

Some days, it just doesn’t pay to be a big honkin’ geek.

Here I am desperately trying to stay spoiler free for the big two part three hour season finale. So why the hell am I in this thread? And looking in spoiler boxes and everything?

Bite your tongue.

From my TV’s on-screen guide for next week (major spoilers):

The escapees on the raft hit troubled waters, while back on the island, a stranger’s arrival and the opening of the hatch pose serious threats to the remaining castaways.

I absolutely cannot wait for tonight’s episode! I’ve been hoping to see Danielle again; she must know more about the hatch, or at least be able to tell them more about the situation.

Hey, did Claire name her kid yet? I scanned the recent threads but I may have missed it.

And Draelin, geek is hot, haven’t you heard?

Yes, tonight I’m hoping to meet a guy with a lightsaber and all his teeth who doesn’t live with his mother. :slight_smile:

And as far as I know, the only name the baby has is Turniphead.

“Run, hide or die.”

I wonder who will fall into which category? :smiley:

Well according to the previews, somebody (not sure who) gives the advice of Run.

And does it very loudly.

I propose a new shortcut to go along with TCM and CFL.

TH. For Turniphead.

Do I get a second?

Second. And I’m officially proposing POG (see my post above) for “Pissed-Off Giraffe”.

That’s cool.

As long as I get to be the one to say…


Remember Alf, he’s back, in POG form


As opposed to “TCM”?

I like “TH”, but only if it’s pronounce “th” (unvoiced).

Oh, please don’t call the poor little guy Turniphead. Something like that will stick for life.
He needs a real name. And he better get one before next season.

I’m still saving money for a giant STEVE ALLEN pog.

Looking forward to tonight’s episode. I am going to watch it and then head off to Ep3.

The cool thing about going out of town last night is that I just watched the previous episode of Lost YESTERDAY. I couldn’t IMAGINE waiting a week after seeing that preview!

Well, not instead of. Perhaps it would look better like this:


Since it was basically a question from Hurley. And not a replacement, but more of an occasional question or sidebar – perhaps an acceptable usage would be in combined format:



Post #9 is just sitting up there, taunting me.

Damn you John Mace.