Lost 2.5: "... and Found"

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Note: Next week’s show is a repeat of “Adrift”. World Series week.

I’m expecting some dramatic moments (given how last week’s episode ending with happy music) and for the plot to advance a bit (since there’s no new episode next week). But I bet we don’t really find out who The Others are…

From the on-screen guide regarding this episode:

”…and Found”. Michael heads into the jungle to look for Walt, but discovers that he is not alone; Sawyer and Jin are ordered by their captors to take them to their camp; and Sun searches frantically for her missing wedding ring.

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I’m holding out hope that we’ll at least find out who Bluebeard is, because…

M.C. Gainey is listed as “Bearded Man” in the season 1 finale, on IMDB. And he’s listed again in the guest credits for this week’s show. So, assuming their info is accurate (which is not always the case, for shows not aired yet)…

Yes! I’m very interested in finding out who Bluebeard is. Especially since

a lot of people seem to think he is Dr. DeGroot.

I don’t think you really needed to spoiler that last bit, since it’s speculation that’s already popped up a number of times in the previous threads.

Somehow I don’t think Bluebeard is the DeGroot guy (as some of those screen cap composites hopefully portray). Mostly because of the actor listed as playing Bluebeard in the season 1 finale… it just doesn’t look like him to me in that “Orientation” film. (Unless they just got a different actor to play the younger version of him, in which case maybe that could be the intent… but I don’t think it was the same actor in the two “roles”).

Not only that,

He’s probably Kelvin, too.

My WAG is that we’ll get more back story on the tail section folks and what happened to them, and we’ll find out somethings about The Others sifted through the perceptions of the other survivors. But I agree, I don’t think we’ll learn directly about The Others in this episode. I’m expecting some interesting things all the same. :slight_smile:


I think “The Others” are either remnants of or somehow related to the deGroot’s group of experimenters from the 60s/70s. I also think Adam and Eve are of the same original group.

As for the tail section folks’ backstory…

Episode 7 will be devoted entirely to their time on the island. It’s called “The Other 48 Days”.

Wonder if we’ll see Walt at all this episode. Even if in a dream.

Walt is listed as a guest star next week. (As is Boone.)

I agree. I mentioned this in one of your other threads in fact. I think they were part of the original experiments, probably the ones given a psycho-active drug without the antidote…and they they went psychotic and ran amok (I always wanted to use ‘ran amok’ in a sentence…sorry).

I don’t think we are going to find any of this out tonight though…just what they have done to the other survivors, with maybe some hints and glimpses.

Reguardless I’m counting down the hours till the show comes on tonight. :slight_smile: I’ve already got cigars, scotch and pizza lined up with the wife, some friends (and their wives and husbands…no kids allowed!) coming over for our weekly Lost in the dark party and after action analysis. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s going to be an all Zombie extravaganza! I bet Ethan-Zombie makes a guest appearance looking much like he does in Threshold.

I’m coming over to your house. Anyplace where I can watch Lost AND smoke a cigar is nirvana. I’ve got Cubans… :smiley:

MMM…cubans. I miss Canada. :wink: I actually have a special ‘Lost’ room set up (ok, its actually our home entertainment room) with air filters/purifiers (the wife doesn’t like cigar smoke) and the whole bit.


xtisme, I’m coming to your house too! I’m not really into cigars, but a kid-free zone for Lost? I am so there!

The HELL? So, is he not officially in the cast this season, or what? Somebody please tell me WHAT in the HELL is going ON around here!

Watch the opening credits–his name is gone. Doesn’t bode well, does it?

Next week is going to be a repeat (they don’t want to go up against the World Series). That episode will probably be 11/2.

Oh man, sweet. Actually I don’t have too many Cubans (Romeo Y Julieta Tubos, a couple of Cohiba Esplendidos, and some Monte Cristo Coronas), but I just got in a shipment of non Cubans including:

El Rey del Mundo Robustos
Flor De Olivia Grand Maduro Robustos
Punch Rothschilds
Partagas Black Clasicos
Puros Indios Rothschilds
Savinelli Nicaragua Reserve Rothschilds
Don Tomas Cameroon Robustos
Padron 3000

The best part is, I’ve never tried ANY of these cigars. A little time to settle in the humi, and I’m in tobacco heaven!

My money is on Adam and Eve being the DeGruits. How many bastardized spellings of DeGrhoots does that bring us up to?

Time will tell. Damn, I love this show.

Romeo y Julieta Cubanos!! R&J are my favorites, but I only get the Domincan ones. I say we all meet over at XT’s house for the next new episode and cigar tasting party.

XT: You’ll have to tell me about your cigar room one of these days. I can usually have mine outside most of the year here (it never gets all that cold), but sometimes in winter you want a nice cozy place…

One ritual my “Lost” group had to institute, was having a shot of something nasty sitting out for anyone who talks during the show. One word and you gotta do the shot. There’s just so much stuff going on in this show it’s hard to keep quite, but you don’t want to miss a thing!