Lost 1.14: "Special"

We finally get to hear about Michael tonight. And we get to see “one of the bears” again-- or is it just Walt’s imagination? Will Locke recruit another apostle? Will anyone start worring about Claire again, for Chrsit’s sake?

I hope this is a good one, because next week’s episode is a repeat (“Solitary”).

The usual thread rules:

Likely Michael, or at least consolidate his hold on Walt (W’s the kid and M’s the dad, right? I get them, and Sun and Jin mixed up, mostly because they always get mentioned in the same breath).

Alternately, Locke’s meddling may backfire, and Michael may form the lead against Locke (until Jin, the true anti-Locke takes some leadership. Which side will Jack take? Kate already has a knife.

Who else does? Kate, Walt, Sayiid, Boone, am I missing someone? Charlie’s with Locke, but does he have a knife?

Not until sweeps. :slight_smile:

Which one is that again? I still haven’t caught them all. I think I still need to see Kate’s 1st, and Sun/Jin’s.

“Solitary” was Sayid’s episode, with the introduction of Danielle Rousseau.

I’m really looking forward to tonight. Walt’s “luck” is, I think, one of the most intriguing things I know absolutely nothing about yet. And I can’t wait to see if Walt somehow made the first polar bear appear. Unlikely, but the idea makes me happy. :slight_smile:

Walt is the kid. Michael has been anti-Locke fom early on, so I might go with Walt being recruited, but not Michael.

[quote[Alternately, Locke’s meddling may backfire, and Michael may form the lead against Locke (until Jin, the true anti-Locke takes some leadership. Which side will Jack take? Kate already has a knife.

Who else does? Kate, Walt, Sayiid, Boone, am I missing someone? Charlie’s with Locke, but does he have a knife? [/quote]

Jack is being set up to be the head of the non-Locke group, I think.

That’s the one where Sayid finds Rousseau, aka “Crazy French Woman”. If you haven’t seen it, it’s very, very good and adds a lot of pieces to the puzzle.

The really important question is: Will we see more of Vincent, the Shifty-Eyed Dog? Because he is the One.

I’m not that interested in Walt. He’s been more of a prop than a character so far.

Hopefully tonight will fix that.

What I’m curious about is what Locke is doing with Walt to make Michael so mad he threatens to kill him. Is it because he’s being turned to the dark side?

I hope that tonights revelations about Michael will let me say to my daughter with renewed fervor, “Where the hell did you get the idea his character is gay?” I can’t say much when her presumption is so baseless (“A girl knows,” is not proof)and the only proof I have otherwise is that he has reproduced.

dropzone, while I can’t say that I agree with your daughter, or even have a clue where she’d get such an idea, it’s not unheard of for gay guys to sire children. My brother-in-law is gayer than glitter, but my sister had two kids with him before he came out – and if Oprah’s got her facts right, that sort of situation is supposedly even more common for black Americans.

Anyway, I’m stoked to find out what’s up with Michael.

I still associate Harold Perrineau with his role on Oz, so it’s going to be hard for me not to scream “Cripple fight!” during this episode. Yeah, I’ll feel terrible about it.

Hi there castaways.

When I first heard of the show, it seemed really dumb, so I dismissed it. Then a friend cued me in on the buzz and I spent the last weekend seeing the first 13 eps. I noticed, to my joy, that Drew Goddard and David Fury is involved as regulars.

I’ve got one fear, which I also had when the cast got separated in the trogs and the bums - that it will emulate Survivor, with two competing teams. Now, it seems as this might happen again with Locke and whoever heads that other side.

Anyhow, another thing that’s getting to me is the way a character takes front stage, and the writers keep other characters in limbo. Claire is one such person. What about the guy with the rash?
This in turn relates to another thing. I realize that we, the audience, is on another timeline here, but what timeline are they on? Maybe this is something for the questions thread, but I think it was one of the last episodes, someone said they had been there for three weeks. And Charlie said that he’d been without drugs for a week, though I doubt that little stash could have sustained his habit for two weeks, but whatever.
So how many days have Claire been missing?

Jack is being set up as the head of the group. Period. I have no doubt that his allegiance will be a key plot point, a linchpin to the success of whichever group he joins, and up in the air until the last possible moment (he may even join one side and defect later).

But as a catalyst for an early anti-Locke movement? Nope. That’s Jin (although Michael will be an important character early on, at least). She’s got the same spiritual vibe going for her, but ina subtle way. She’s a healer. Locke’s a warrior. She’s the anti-Locke, and Micheal is her apostle (just as Boone is Locke’s).

I repeat my earlier question, who has Locke picked for his team? He’s touched Charlie and won his trust, but did he give him a knife?

I know. That’s why it’s such a poor defense for my position.

Has Michael reproduced? I thought he was the step-father.

Going back to the first episode.

The comic Walt was reading, wasn’t it a JSA? I could have sworn I saw the golden age Flash and Green Lantern on the cover.

Now wouldn’t it have been cool if Walt had created them?

Not Surivivor The Stand. the question is, who’s Mother Abagail, and who’s Flag? Locke’s almost certainly one, but which, and who’s teh other? Jack, Jin? A MIPUM?

“I taste metal.” :frowning:
They’ve been on the Island somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks.

I’m sure most of the others think Locke and Boone are still Claire searching while hunting. We better get some mention of it, tho. No matter how small. You can’t just drop a character and storyline like that.

I will wager that the bear/wolf (there wolf) attack will either be another illusion (Michael’s, not Walt’s), or the solution to the bear/wolf attack will be ludicrously* simple… for the right person

*Bitch. This MY house!

Slight nitpick, but Kate stated they’d been there “over 3 weeks.”

Yes. Michael is the biological father of Walt, as far as we know. Walt did have a step-father, but for whatever the reason (probably to be touched on tonight), he did not get custody of him.

Oh, so I had it backwards. Well, if he fathered Walt, but gave him up, then got custody later, maybe he is gay!

I thought she said “almost.” Still, it’s a short time compared to our viewing.

You know, someone ought to do a show where each hour of what we see is one hour of “show” time. Maybe they could call it Day or something like that.