Lost 1.17 "In Translation"

Looks like a good one tonight! I expect we’ll see some real plot development, not just character interaction. Seems like it’s been forever since Locke and Boone were out digging around the metal hatch… Will any of Ethan’s buddy’s show up (I doubt it)…? How long can Claire keep that baby inside her…?
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It’s still seven hours away for me. :wink:

I predict:

Shannon butt!

Hurley says something funny.

Kate smiles at someone.

Locke makes an obscure but entirely relevant comment.

Tonight’s episode, according to what I’ve read is going to have a flashback involving

Sun, the Korean guy, and it’ll involve what this waiter said to Jin’s dad to get his blessing on their marriage.

And don’t get all huffy because I said there’s going to be a flashback. The whole damn show involves flashbacks in every episode. That’s its gimmick :wink:

I have also heard …

… that we will be getting a little more hot hatch action–and it’s about damned time. That one could be wrong, but TV Tome also claims tonight will see another Boone/Sayid showdown regarding Shannon’s affections.

That title makes me chuckle.

Your last point is confirmed by the Lost site on ABC. **Don’t click the link if you don’t want to see spoilers!!!

For those interested, next week is a new episode, and then in 2 weeks we get a repeat of the “Cowboys/Daddy Issues” episode.

I am sooooo looking forward to next week when we get Hurely’s backstory, a presume.

Hey! Watching this show while having the flu should be a major trip, man!

Apologies in advance.

Me too. I was confused for a second.

I’m in pain for Claire. She is so friggin pregnant. Not that I would know what that is like – but she just looks like she’s going to burst!

I know what you mean. I think the major reason is that she is, IIRL, pretty darn thin. Pregnant women don’t just balloon at the belly while keeping that model figure.

As much as I like Kate, Claire (sans bébé) is, IMHO, the hottest of the Lost women. Not that I’d turn down Sun or Shannon either…

OK, who wants to bet that…

Sun’s big revelation isn’t that she speaks English, but that she is pregnant, too.

Any takers?

Well, that’s what I think too, so, no bet. :slight_smile:

Sun being pregnant would also explain why she wimped out and didn’t leave Jin … a decision that’s been bothering me for months now. If she’s pregnant, that makes a whole lot more sense.

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. In fact, I’d give it a high probability of being correct.

From my online TV schedule:

Michael and Jin’s mutual contempt escalates when Michael accuses Jin of burning down the raft the survivors had been building.

The game is afoot!

I’ve recently come up with a theory that explains everything. And it’s more believable that that Purgatory stuff:

There are a bunch of writers who are making it all up.

Ha! See? Easy.


He might do that, but…

…we know (from the previews) that he makes a blunt, declarative statement that “We are not alone”. No enigmatic phrasing, just the straight facts.

I never should have looked at that spoiler. Now the whole series is ruined for me.

Thanks a lot.

About to start!

Anything from this post on may be a spoiler of the aired episode.

Just FYI… :wink:

This one isn’t!

Stupid USA Today, their entertainment section had a big article about Lost, which was cool. But there was a big picture with a caption that had the same spoiler that No CLue Boy posted. How annoying.


Sun is a genius, she handled that confrontation between Jin and Michael the only way she could.

Jin’s line to her father was great. (He’s a damn fine actor, too.)