Lost 1.21 "The Greater Good"

First the rules:

Well, it’s been awhile… Boone is dead, Claire had her baby, Jack has learned to “let go”, and Locke is MIA (intentionally). Meanwhile, Sayid is off trying to get some from Shannon.

I’m thinking that tonight’s show will be low on plot development and focus more on interpersonal relationship stuff. Can’t have too many new revaltions as we build up to the season finale.

Holy Crap, today’s Wednesday!

Thanks for the thread–things have been crazy busy and it would’ve totally escaped my attention.


TV Guide Blurb (spoilered just because):

Fans awaiting fallout from Boone’s death get more questions than answers as Sayid puts his Republican Guard interrogation skills to good use to get the truth out of Locke. The hour, which reveals the heartbreaking events that put Sayid on Flight 815, also explains some of Locke’s more sinister maneuvers. And while some of his recent actions actually have been for the greater good of his fellow survivors, Locke may not have the chance to right the worst wrong once someone decides to take justice into their own hands.

Awww, yeeeeah.

While we’re at it, E!Online blurb…

Claire is terrified that someone is going to take her baby. She refuses to let him out of her sight, so Sun and Charlie must plead with her to get some sleep. Once she agrees, Charlie is stuck with a crying kid, and turns to Hurley, who tries to help with a somewhat “unconventional” childcare method. During Boone’s burial service, Locke shows up and confesses that Boone’s death was “my fault.” He tells the truth about finding the plane lodged in the tree, and how Boone climbed up into it and found the radio. “He was trying to help us. He was a hero.” Jack won’t be satisfied and will attack Locke right then and there, screaming “Where were you?! What did you do to him?! You just left him to die!” Charlie and the others have to hold Jack back.

And because I just can’t seem to stop, the TV Tome blurb:

After another funeral, tempers rise as the survivors suspicions of each other grow, and an unlikely survivor vows revenge. The events that landed Sayid on Flight 815 play out as he engages Locke in a psychological game of cat and mouse to uncover the truth about the mishap that claimed Boone. Jack goes after Locke believing he had caused Boone’s death. Meanwhile, Kate struggles to keep Jack from acting on his rage. Shannon also makes plans for her brother’s alleged killer. Claire and Charlie attempt to calm her new baby and Sawyer proves to be the best thing for Claire’s very unhappy baby. Sayid’s past involves the CIA and a suicide bomber.

I hope the unconventional method don’t have anything to do with his man-tits! :eek:

Son of a bitch!

Quick! Someone rewind to about 3 minutes ago.

I have no self-control. :frowning:

A mental image I didn’t need right before lunch. :eek:

Yay, I can’t wait!

I’m hoping that the preview commercial they keep airing is just a dream…

Er, when would you need it?

You have a very valid point.

Smeghead promised me last night that no one else would die this season. I don’t know why he thinks he knows that, but I’m holding him personally responsible if anything Bad happens. I think you should, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will not read the spoilers, I will not read the spoilers.

I can’t wait for tonights episode. Hopefully we get some answers!

With my Mother-in-Law visiting and my Brother-in-Law occupying the guest-/TV room, I think it’s safe to say the very earliest we’ll be able to watch the episode is Sunday night.

AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! (must avoid thread, must avoid TWOP, must avoid thread, must avoid TWOP, must avoid thread, must avoid TWOP, must avoid thread, must avoid TWOP)

We have an answer to one of our older questions!

“That was me”

Well isn’t that interesting.

Whoa! So it WAS Locke who clocked Sayid. Now… why?

I hope not something just as simple as Locke wanting to stay on the island and not get rescued, since it “healed” him.

Well. Didn’t see that one coming. Locke’s turning into a bit of a monster.


Kate: “Here’s something to eat”
Jack: “What’s in it? Chloroform?”