Lost 1.16 "Outlaws"

Two new ones in a row. And next week’s is new, too!!

I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be more about the dynamics of the personalities rather than developing the storyline further.

Thread rules:

Is this one a Sawyer flashback?

If so, yet another week without Hurley’s flashback.

Think they’re saving something JUICY for Hurley’s?

WARNING, My local paper’s TV listings say that Alias starts at 8:05 (central). That means LOST may run 5 minutes longer. People who record the show take note.


Tonight is a Sawyer story. I’ll put the rest in a spoiler box.

Next week is “In Translation” that one is about Jin. Hurley’s story is called “Numbers” That is the week after that. “Deux Ex Machina” is another Locke episode, “Do No Harm” Is about Jack, then we have “Sides” and that’s another Sayid story

A brief summary I saw indicated. . .

a shocking prior connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed

(that doesn’t really spoil any details, just indicates a story line.)

So, when do we get to see some backstories for Penny, Don and Dr. Smith?

I’m not sure whether ABC’s description of tonight’s episode counts as a spoiler or not, so I’ll box it just in case:

Kate and Sawyer divulge dark secrets to each other while tracking a renegade boar that Sawyer swears is purposely harassing him. Meanwhile, Hurley and Sayid worry that Charlie is losing it after his brush with death, and a shocking, prior connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed.

I put my speculations based on this in the last thread, but I’ll repeat them here, because, well, hey, I paid for my membership and I’ll post if I want to!

I’m predicting that the “shocking, prior connection” will be that Sawyer was in the bar fight with Jack’s Dad. And Kate diverges a dark secret? Maybe we’ll finally find out what she was wanted for.

Can I say that I am totally sick of Charlie’s whining and brooding? Whine and brood, whine and brood. That’s all he does.

Man, I wish he turned that gun on himself last week. Sounds like we’re getting a little more of it tonight if the ABC releases are reliable.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to watch “Lord of the Rings” again after this stuff. Once and for all, someone has to tell him to shut up and he has to actually shut up.

Maybe he’s shooting for “wine and bread” but he’s missing. Like a Messiah with a vowel obstruction.

Thanks for the diet Dr. Pepper on my screen, Cervaise. :smiley: :smiley:
Lord, but I don’t understand some people’s problems with lil’ Charlie. He’s so…precious.

I think Smegs is on to something. Thaat Boone episode kind of tipped us off about it.

I think that’s a pretty fair assumption, too, but …

[spoiler]Didn’t last week’s “next week” show Sawyer aiming a gun at Jack? Is he going to be that big a wanker as to kill him for something his Dad did?

Oh, wait–he was probably aiming the gun at the troublesome boar, and they edit-tricked me. sigh Damn them.[/spoiler]

But hey, page 1 on a Lost thread, I’m feeling pretty ahead-of-the-times. :slight_smile:

There was something I noticed, but since it has to do with some upcoming episodes, I’ll put it in a spoiler box.

Hurley is the last of the main characters to have a flashback episode. At this point, the only other one who hasn’t is Jin and he sort of did with Sun’s. So are they saving the best for last or is he just a tack on?

Odin, check out my spoiler and speculation thread. There’s news in there that touches on your boxed question.

Sawyer and Sayid’s conversation… interesting. The Island is working on him, yep yep yep.

Well, the “previous scenes” portion at the beginning made it pretty clear that there would be some connection between Sawyer’s backstory and Jack’s (particularly, his Dad, most likely) – since they showed scenes from both at the start of this.

Another vote for “Sawyer was involved in the bar fight along with Jack’s dad” here.

Hahaha – Sawyer getting all pissed off and thinking that a boar is stalking him. That’s hilarious. Maybe the boar is in loooooove… :wink:

He definitely heard the whisper before he saw the boar in that jungle hike.

I wonder why he hates the T2?

Ethan zombie! :smiley: Forshadowing?

Good thing I’m not gay. Cause I just realised that some of these male leads are damn good looking! (Maybe I’m just jealous.)

And the Hobbit is pulling away from Claire… but why? She’s still willing to open up to him, even with memory loss. Quit whining, you little twit. She likes you.

woohoo – Kate’s a wheeler-dealer. Carte blanche indeed. “You’ve been tracking humans, rockslides, yourself…”

And now they’re playing truth or dare? (or variations). Who thinks when they finish the drink they will play spin the bottle?

Kate’s been married. They both killed a man.

This is my first encounter with “Lost”. Don’t know the characters at all, but I was wondering why the one gal said the following: “You can’t track that boar without me.” Why couldn’t the guy track the boar with his handgun without her assistance. Have they previously revealed some sort of innate tracking ability that this gal has? Thanks.