Lost 1.16 "Outlaws"

Kate has some tracking experience – she used to go hunting with her daddy, I think it was. Sawyer isn’t an outdoorsman.

Admit it, NCB, you’re jealous of the boar. :wink:

As for me, I have the hots for Kate, but I heard she’s dating the hobbit IRL.

That does it. The hobbit must die.

“Nope, it ate your stuff. Mine’s fine.”


The boar is stalking Sawyer. This is hilarious. “Peed on my shirt!”

Okay, so based on Locke’s little story, who’s reincarnated soul is in the boar?

Sawyer’s dad?
Sawyer’s mom?
Jack’s dad?

Maybe Sawyer killed Jack’s dad…? Apparently he chickened out of killing original Sawyer.


let’s see what happens…

Have we seen Jack’s Dad since the beginning of the series, when Jack saw him walking around on the Island?

jmizzou – yes. Jack’s dad appeared in both that episode you referred to (Episode 5: “White Rabbit”), and then again in Jack flashbacks in Episode 11 (“All Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”).

It’s a waller, not a wallow.

Whoa! T2 set this guy up, didn’t he! And Sawyer killed the wrong guy. T2 got him to do his dirty work!

“Come back around”
repeated several times this ep by diff people. Significance?

That boar wasn’t very exciting after all, was it?

So the “shocking, prior connection between Sawyer and Jack” is that Sawyer and Jack’s dad had a drink and talked in a bar in Sydney?

Gosh. Shocking. Scandalous. Somebody get the defibrillator, my heart can’t take the surprise.

I meant, “have we seen him on the Island,” but thanks.
Is it just me, or did this episode give us 10 minutes of Sawyer flashback, 1 minute of revelations, and 40-odd minutes of nothin’ special?

Oh, I see. No – we’ve only seen him in flashbacks, other than in what I presume were Jack’ visions or hallucinations (on the island).

stoopid misleading promos…

Jack breaking the firewood… where did the axe end up? Boone and Locke keep it?

Don’t trust next week’s promo, the bastards.
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Damn, did any of y’all notice the EVIL fucking grin on Locke’s face when he finished talking to Sawyer??? That has to be the first time I have seen Locke on this show with a look that just screamed EVIL. He’s definitely an agent for the island…there’s no doubt of that anymore.

I was really excited to hear the Others once more. Maybe if Kate hadn’t had to tag along on Sawyer’s little hike, we might have gotten some more of them. Next week’s episode might well be Other-riffic, though. At least I can hope.

Once again, Locke helps someone work through their issues. Interesting how his approach changes from person to person - Boone had to be whacked on the head, tied up, and drugged, whereas Sawyer only needed a Reader’s Digest-esque vignette about A Woman and Her Dog. I used to think Locke was a little out of line, what with tying Boone up and leaving him in the jungle and all. Now I’m starting to think maybe he didn’t go far enough.

I thought it was interesting that the subplot dovetailed so neatly with the main story for a change. Everybody’s trying to deal with the people they killed.

I actually thought that the man Sawyer killed was going to turn out to be Jack’s father - one of those “He didn’t actually kill the guy; he just blames himself for the death.” So I was very pleased that Sawyer actually literally killed someone. It was a bit of a disappointment, though, that he killed the wrong man. For me, it would have been more interesting if Island Sawyer really had killed Real Sawyer, but still had the guilt to deal with anyway. Maybe that’s just me.

I actually think it’s more interesting this way - none of the closure, more of the guilt, and that dirty feeling of being used.

Yeah, and now he has two vendettas to fulfill – real Sawyer, and T2.

So Sawyer killed someone. I’m surprised and a little disappointed that he didn’t kill Jack’s father. In the Boone flashback episode, didn’t he yell “He wanted a bottle, so I gave it to him”? Or maybe he goes back to the bar after killing the wrong guy and beats the hell out of Jack’s dad for convincing him to go through with it? But the Sawyer character is really developing and there’s a lot more to him that I realized. I’m glad they’re not making him into a “bad-ass with a heart of gold”, though.

About the voices - I was sure I heard crazy Danielle’s voice in there too. It sounded like fuzzy radio transmissions more than whispers. And did anyone else hear what sounded like a helicopter at the very beginning when Sawyer woke up to the boar in his tent? Before the boar noises, I thought I heard a chopper.

Kate was married. Was it her bank robber accomplice? Or mysterious plastic-plane-in-a-deposit-box man?

And if there’s an Ethan zombie, I think we can take that as absolute proof that they’re reading our threads for ideas. Braaaiiiins!!

Yes – I think that’s what he said in the police station in Boone’s flashback, so I’m sure there’s more to his story. I think he probably did go back to the bar (or at least a bar) and tried to drown his sorrows in drink, and probably stirred up some sort of ruckus. We haven’t really seen why the Aussie police were dragging him in, yet.