Welcome, castaways! Lost 1.12

It’s that oh-so-important time of the week again–time to check in with our favorite castaways and see what’s up.
Will Shannon be eaten by T-Rex?
Will Sayid save her?
What’s with Boone’s eerie glare of doom toward Sayid?
Where, oh where, is Claire? Does anyone besides the hobbit care?
What’s so important about toy airplanes?
When will we discover the secret of Hurley’s nickname?
And where have Scott and Steve been hiding?

All the usual rules apply, of course.

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This one is supposed to be mostly a Shannon and Boone ep., since we don’t have the backstory on them yet. Oh, and Locke!

I dig getting Lost

The episode description on my digital cable thing says tonight will be Boone’s backstory (and presumably Shannon’s too, since they’re siblings).

I’m waiting for Hurley’s story. He seems like one of the more interesting people on the island. I also want to know what happened between Michael and Walt’s mother.

Yay! I was waiting for someone to post this! I can’t wait, finally, we get something out of locke! The shannon/boone backstory could be interesting, but the Sayid/Shannon sidestory seems to just be a distraction. Whatever, I don’t mind it. Either way, I cannot wait to see this tonight!

They’ll probably give Shannon some depth, but they’re gonna have to really work to make me like her. She’s just spent way too much time sitting around looking pretty for my taste. Maybe we’ll find out why Boone seems to have a problem with Sayid chatting up his sister.

I’m really intrigued by Hurley, too, but I seem to recall that “his” episode is going to be one of the last this season. :rolleyes:

I agree.

I plan my weeks around Wednesday nights now.

Am I the only one who thinks Boone’s and Shannon’s relationship might be (or have been) incestuous?

I started watching in the middle of the series and missed the part where Shannon says Boone’s her brother, so at first, I thought they were dating or something. There’s definitely something odd going on with that relationship.

I read on another website that Shannon and Boone have a steamy relationship, but they are not really brother and sister. I think they are step siblings a la Brady Bunch. There were some pictures of tonight’s episode posted on lostmedia.com that were pretty interesting.

Okay, I just have to say, I’ve been participating in the Lost threads way too much. I was trying to find my way into the subway. I saw one sign with an arrow that said “Streetcars” and another sign that said “Trains.”

Only the voice in my head read it as “Trrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiins.” :rolleyes:

I can’t wait!

Someone at work asked what I’m doing tonight, and I swear to you, I answered “Getting Lost”.

They looked at me like I had a wombat on my head.

These people just don’t *get * it!

Just playing devil’s advocate here, but…

are you sure you didn’t have a wombat on your head?

Well, my hair was looking particularly marsupial today…

Wow, is Locke insane, or is he in cahoots with the monster?

I love Castaway Flounder.

“Pee on it, man! PEE ON IT!” :smiley:

Finally, this week we get some serious thickening of the plot.

And that’s why they call him Hurley!

wow, um, shannon be gone?

They pulled this before, is she gonna have a miraculous recovery?

aaaaw, crap!

Wow. This episode was about 10,000x better than last weeks. Creepy.

A couple small things I noticed - Australian police officer had one brown eye and one blue eye. Keeping with the black/white theme in a way, and ties in to Claire’s dream of Locke as fortune teller with one dark eye.

Sawyer got hauled into that Australian police station. Why? His flashback had him in the States, no?