Lost 11/10 "Confidence Man" - Contains Spoilers!

From ABC: (spoilered just in case)

When Shannon suffers an asthma attack, Jack and Sayid realize brutality might be the only way to convince Sawyer to relinquish the life-saving medicine he’s hoarding. Meanwhile, Sun struggles to decide if she’ll obey husband Jin’s orders to stay out of others’ affairs, and Kate uncovers some shocking secrets about Sawyer.

I’m looking forward to it, although Cowboy says it’s the slowest show he’s ever seen. I don’t think it’s slow, but it sure is relationship-oriented, isn’t it?

I love this show. Even more than I love taffy. And I’m a man that loves his taffy.

By the way, Cowgirl, I had to learn this the hard way:

If you spoiler-box something and it’s too far up in the reply, it will still show up when people hover over the thread title. Fortunately, I’m the weakest guy around, so it didn’t spoil anything for me, but others might not be so fortunate.

And slow-paced? C’mon! I like the fact that each of these episodes gives us back-story on a different character.

Yeah, I just now noticed that. Luckily, it was just the teaser from the web site, not a true spoiler (it’s officially published = not spoiler, right?), but I’ll keep that in mind.

Sorry Otto!

Got to admit my wife has gotten me hooked on this show. This is the first TV type series I’ve watched in ages…maybe 20 years or so.

Anyone think it will go for more than one season?


Since it’s not hijacking to present idle chit-chat before the episode airs, I’d like to throw in my own I-Don’t-Watch-Network-TV-But-I-Watch-*Lost * anecdote.

I don’t watch network TV, but I watch Lost. So there you go! But seriously, I’m just not that into TV. I missed out on the whole *Seinfeld *experience, never got into ER, thought *Friends *was dreck… But Lost made me fix my VCR so I could tape the darn show. I’m ordinarily a nit-picker, too, but the characters and stories in this show are so engaging I don’t care about the occasional moments of belief suspension. It’s been a long time since I made an effort to watch anything on TV like this.

And I can’t wait to see Sawyer’s back story. I just hope they don’t nerf him and make him a poor, misunderstood soul. He gives the show a mean streak that it needs.


Yes. ABC has already renewed it for Season 2.

Oh good…I think. I’m not sure I like this being hooked on a series to be honest…especially one so up in the air. Its like waiting constantly for the next Eric Flint or Stephen King Dark Tower Book (thankfully THATS done with now :))…and I HATE waiting.

If they are doing another season I wonder how much will be resolved then this year. I just hope they have enough good content to warrent 2 years.

So, whats with the island? Any theories? Is it another dimension? Is it purgatory? Is it just a wierd island with polar bears and OTHER castaways? Is Tom Hanks on the other side of the island playing with a volley ball?


I’m dying to find out about Sawyer - he seems quite intriguing.
What about his comment two or three episodes ago, when Kate fell on top of him and he said, “I made this wish four years ago” ?
Do he and Kate know each other?
Does he know her? Is he a Bounty Hunter who’s been after her, only to have been beaten to her by the Federal Marshal?
What was in that long, hand-written letter he was reading a few episodes ago that made him look so sad?

Well, I ran home to start the weekly castaway watch before I went shopping, and I found my work done for me!

Since the heavy lifting is done (and like Chastain said, Jules, it’s best to do OPs without spoiler boxes) I’ll just repost the spoiler policy I offered up for your consideration last week.

I’m ready for the monster thing to show up again. It’s like they used it in the first couple of episodes to get us hooked, then snatched it away. The show would’ve been good without the “Thing”, but since there is a “Thing”, I’m disapointed when they don’t continue that storyline.

can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait

From what I’ve seen of Sawyer’s backstory, he has no redeeming qualities. I’m at the :35 commercial break as I write this.

He’s also a masochist…


The letter! Ooooh…

That explains the odd behavior when he saw the kid. And his general antisocial behavior. He’s truly living on the edge of anger every moment of his life. The island is actualy a kind of paradise for him. If only he could get what he wants without so many other people’s legitimate needs being in the way. Why was he on the plane, tho? Still 4 minutes left to show that…
Saayid was ruthlessly eficient, wasn’t he? His backstory should be fun.


Saayid is leaving to map out the islnd, among other reasons.

I’m tired of the new trend for shows to end with those damn songs, tho.

If he burns it, he’s reborn, too. Just like Charlie. (You’ll know what I mean when you see it)*

Next week may answer a question. Not a spoiler, it’s in the previews.

*but, if you hadn’t seen it yet, why are you reading this far into this thread? :dubious:

Well, that preview raises some questions. That was a functioning incandescent lightbulb I saw, wasn’t it?

Locke seemed rather suspicious and all-too-willing to blame Sawyer for Sayyid’s knock on the head.

I bet Locke did it. He can walk now–what if he can’t when he leaves the island?


Notice how Sawyer couldn’t bring himself to burn the letter? He’s not ready to give up his past quite yet. I wonder if he’ll try to keep up with his tough-guy attitude or if he’ll mellow out a little bit now.

I’m intrigued about how Locke pushed Sayid against Sawyer like that, saying he must have rigged a delay fuse and come to clunk him on the head. And then giving him a knife… Almost like he wants discord among the survivors. He’s very manipulative. I wonder what his motives are? He already has a great influence on Charlie, and now maybe he’s working on Sayid. Why?

Adorable little peanut butter stunt. I love Charlie.

And look, someone’s going to explore the island! It’s about damn time… think the producer’s been reading our threads? :slight_smile:

This is at least the second time that they have done something suggested in these threads (in this case, circle the island). I don’t think the writers are reading this message board (in case they are : hi there!).

I’m definitely looking forward to next week.

unless it is in a flashback, there is a lit lightbulb on the island.


I was rudely interrupted throughout the show and missed some of the dialogue. Could someone answer some questions for me?

[spoiler]Whats the deal with Sawyer’s transaction? I assume he borrowed the money from the black guy he was shooting pool with and had to pay him back? So why didn’t he go through with the deal? Why did he suddenly call it off when he saw the kid?

Kate told Sawyer that it was him who wrote the letter; how did she figure this out? What does the Knoxville stamp on the envelope have to do with anything? Why would Sawyer write the letter to himself pretending he was the kid?

Also - If a crazy violent guy wanted me to kiss him before he’d divulge the location of the very important medication, I would NOT make it a 5-second tongue kiss.