Lost 2.21: "?"

Is that Claire’s psychic?

Wow – it’s Claire’s psychic! With drowned daughter. Innnnnnteresting…

Oooh, Claire’s psychic!

The producers are hurting my brain!

Pimpin’ music, Dharma!

Damn – I had a feeling as soon as I saw those six screens – it was going to be monitoring cameras for the other hatches.

So is somebody still manning the ? hatch, and been watching them the whole time?

I knew it! I knew it!

It’s all a scam!

Yep – sounds like the button pushing has been a total mind-fuck experiment. There’s no incident, no danger, just a bunch of button-pushing rats in a box.

Locke looks a little pissed now.

Eko: “Would you like to watch that again?”

Good line.

They brought back the heroine for medical use! HA!

Ouch for Locke.

1980, eh?

Poor Hurley is going to be pretty messed up with his guilt.

Who was it that called it last week re: Libby’s last words? Such a television cliche…

Did anyone catch that website?

It doesn’t seem to be sublyminal, but that’s what I heard. It flashed by too fast for me to read it.

But it isn’t working for me. Probably because everyone in the known Universe is trying to get on right now …

Anything like lemon-lymon.com? :slight_smile:

We are having Flash problems and can’t access all the content.


I don’t read any spoilers until the show airs, I’m glad I didn’t last week.
So I called what would happen before Libby died, she says Michael’s name and they thing she’s just asking about him, then she dies.
So now we know that ? = The Pearl. What is the significance of the pearl in this mythos?
It took me a few minutes to recognize Claire’s psychic, I thought he looked familiar but I couldn’t place him until he said he was a fraud who made his living as a psychic and I remembered. The girl who played his daughter looked very familiar, too. Have we seen her on Lost before or do I just recognize her from something else?
Did the guy in the Orientation film say his name was something different this time or did it just skip then and make it sound different?
Next week’s previews looked interesting.

I didn’t recognize the daughter at all, but I’m guessing we haven’t seen the last of her.

The the Losties hatch was being watched at some point. But are they still being watched? Sure, the hatch door seemed well hidden, but there could be other doors. How recently was this place abandoned, if it ever was?

Significance of pearls?

Pearls before swine - they’ve got something very valuable here but it’s wasted on them.

Pearls are for tears.

Except there were clues Jack should have picked up on. First, it was after trying to say “Michael” that her mannerism got stressed and frenzied, then she died. Maybe Jack thought it was just one final spasm before death, but another interpretation would be that she was straining so hard to get something important out that it helped things along.

But second – isn’t this the first time she’s even been in the hatch since Michael came back? Did Jack go around telling the Losties camp that Michael was back? So she wouldn’t have even necessarily known. Okay, sure, she could have come in, seen Michael sleeping, then gotten immediately shot by Pseudo-Gale (i.e. in Michael’s made-up scenario), but that seems to be pushing the timing a bit. Jack ought to be a bit suspicious.

Was this in a commercial? I must have missed it.
Well, on that site, it loads up a little rotating set of 6 blobs… screens? hatches? whatever. You can click the one in the upper left. Once you do it right, the whole thing rotates the next into position. You have to click the first one 4 times. The second one 8 times. the numbers. etc.

New thingy comes up – “Sublymonal message unlocked”. Which seems to be just a repeating thingy – “Code:” – “Heir apparent”.

Move your pointer under the words “Sublymonal Message Unlocked”, though, and it opens up the Hanso Foundation Web site in another window (or it tries to, anyway; I get a “The page cannot be displayed” message).

I like how the “WTF?!” factor has gone up exponentially in recent episodes.

I like how they found a new hatch, opened it, and went inside and looked at the tape all in a few minutes. It took, what, 20 episodes to do all that the last time?

Can two guys - one who is lame - really move an airplane?

Hey…subLYMONal.com fixed my computer! My (ancient) laptop’s speakers quit working for no apparent reason last night. After checking all settings and shutting down and restarting several times, I was about ready to give up. Suddenly, I open this website and viola - sound!


There’s an invisible link under “Sublymonal message unlocked” that leads to this site


But, it appears everyone in the universe (yet again) is on it and I get gain access.

Man. Why am I thirsty for a Sprite?

I wonder what will come of Locke sending that “map” (his hand-drawn one) up in the pneumatic tube. And I thought he looked maybe a little nervous about it after they watched that Orientation video, which showed that the tube was for sending observation reports to the head honchos. (or head Hansos?) Sort of an “oops” look.

BTW, on that “sublymonal message” thing, there’s a faint link right below (on that last page I described), that goes here – but it’s dragging. Hasn’t opened for me yet.