Lost 2.2: "Adrift"

I stayed up too late watching TAR, and I’m actually quite thankful that I can go to bed right after Lost.

Well, right after watching it and then checking the board and then brushing my teeth and checking the board one more time, and what the hell, might as well watch CSI:NY since I’m still up checking the board …

From the on-screen guide to that ep:

“Orientation”: The hatch begins to yield its secrets to Jack, Locke and Kate. And the survivors of the attack on the raft wonder just who’s holding them captive. [I suspect it’ll be the folks from the tail section]

I know how you feel. I work until midnight, so I don’t get to see it until 12:30 a.m.

Last week was worse, they kept us 2 hours overtime, it’ll look good on my check, but I had to wait even longer for Lost.

I just attributed Vincent’s look to the shadows and the distance.

I’m not too happy with UPN switching “Veronica Mars” Opposite “Lost” :frowning: What the hec are they thinking?

Actually, wasn’t it “Lost” that got moved? It was on at 8pm last season. Did they move “Veronica Mars” too?

how far out would they be adrift from the island? any guesses? and how can sawyer, losing blood (where was he shot?) make it back to the island in one piece while bleeding? Hmmmm.

Also, an idea I had, if there’s a large enough magnet on the island… aren’t magnets supposed to have different special effects on the human body? Some people believe they cure certain ailments, and give extra energy… hmmmm again.

Here Be Spoilers!!

Yeah, beat on his chest … it worked on Charlie, didn’t it?

that insignia that locke saw reminded me of the pentagon in shape.

Did anyone watching in HDTV catch the writing in the middle of the symbol (when Locke stopped to examine it)? It looked like “DESMOND”, but my TV’s too puny for me to tell!

I thought it said “dharma”, but someone will be along with a TiVo soon enough. :slight_smile:

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg. I missed the first 10 minutes. How did Jack get out of the basement?

Nevermind. Now I get it.

The monster (shark?) in the water had the same insignia on its skin. Or am I seeing things?

I think the numbers and execute are a self destruct reset, kind of like a snooze bar for total anihilation

My co-watcher suggested that when the counter hits zero, the doors open. If Desmond thinks the world is gone and/or infected, he probably doesn’t want that to happen.

You’re not seeing things. It’s on the tail, near the flipper.

that makes you go hmmm…

In the separation flashback between Michael and Walt, he was giving Walt a stuffed… polar bear.

Desmond’s symbol was all over the food cans in Kate’s closet/cell. I had a real “Repo Man” flashback there. :smiley:

As a Christopher Moore fan, I’m glad it didn’t say “Bite Me”.

Apollo™ chocolate bars are a discontinued brand, btw…

He did give him a stuffed polar bear.