Lost 2.2: "Adrift"

Desmond said something to Locke: “What did the blahblah say to the blahblah?”

I missed it. Anyone?

Hey, maybe it’s a stem cell lab? They need the babies for stem cells (some weird way it works) and thats how they cured hte people.

A stuffed polar bear! So, Walt’s been building this mystery island since the childhood trauma of his Dad leaving him.

I totally missed the logo on the shark. Glad I have you people around to fill me in on details.

I thought Charlie was cute with the statue. “She could come in handy, you know.”

Silver Fire: It was “what did one snowman say to the other snowman.”

What did the snowman say to the other snowman… i think?

[Field Ref]
Upon review, it appears that it did, in fact, read “DHARMA”. The call on the field is overturned, and Draelin will not be charged with a timeout.
[/Field Ref]


What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

Ho. Lee. Crap. I think my brain is sprained. Frickin’ awesome! But … if they do this simultaneous thing all season long, I think my head will explode. At least one of my questions has been answered, anyway. (The shoes one.) Apparently I am not as observant as all y’all. But, that’s why I’m here, isn’t it?

And I have new questions, of course: Who is “him”? How in the hell did Jin end up washed ashore so soon? Why didn’t Kate dive into the mongo jar of olives? (I farking hate olives and if I were stranded for 44 days, I 'd have fallen face-first into that stuff.) Is the snowman thing some kind of joke? And how does Jenna Elfman figure into all this?

THANKS, GUYS! :smiley:

So, what did one snowman say to the other snowman?

That’s cold, man.

It was a snowman. But only for 20 minutes.
Was it a 1920’s-style snowman?

I imagine the snowman question was some sign-countersign. The answer is, of course, “Do you smell carrots?”

I’m also curious as to how Jin got to the island so quickly - he was there long enough to get captured and escape.

The standard answer is “Hey, do you smell carrots?” I suspect that the meaning of this will become clear in a future episode.

Kate can crawl around my ventilation shafts all she wants! Did anyone else think that Locke saw some sign of her in the shaft vent before telling Jack “I’m sure she’s fine.”?

I think the question “Are you him?” falls under the jurisdiction of the ever-popular “If somebody asks you if you’re a god, you say yes” rule.

Did anyone else get the impression that Desmond isn’t going to know the answer to nearly as many of our questions as we’d like?

So, is everyone assuming that the people we saw at the end are tail-sectioners?

OK, am I missing a reference here? :confused:

I missed it also but I asked my daughter and she thought it was “What did I say to you at the stadium?”

For some reason I started to like Kate when she stopped to eat the candy bar and then stuffed her pockets with more.
I don’t get how Jin ended up on the island long before them. He jumped in after Sawyer, yet he totally missed him and wasn’t even in the immediate vicinity when Sawyer surfaced? I would assume he’s a good swimmer being that he grew up in a fishing village but I doubt he’d jump in after Sawyer and just decide to swim for land instead.

So, do you think maybe the shark gave him a ride?

That might make more sense than the whole “snowman” thing, but Locke doesn’t look anything like Jack, so how could Desmond confuse the two? Plus, four other people heard the snowman joke, so… I might have to start watching with closed captioning from now on; I miss way too much sometimes.

How old did Desmond look to most of you?

Mid- to late- thirties, maybe?