Lost 2.9: "What Kate Did"

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The episode we’ve all been waiting for: What did Kate do??? And let’s hope there’s some serious Locke/Eko interaction-- or should I say Gilgamesh/Enkidu?

I believe this will be the last new episode for awhile. I’ve seen a site claiming the next new episode won’t be until Jan-11-06. Can anyone confirm this?

From the ABC “Lost” site:

“What Kate Did”; Kate’s original crime that started her life on the run is revealed. Meanwhile, the survivors lay one of their own to rest, Kate sleeplessly watches over a feverish Sawyer, and Mr. Eko has a surprise for Locke regarding the hatch.

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Well, that sucks.

Anyway, I’m glad we’ll finally be finding out what she did that was so bad.

I think she probably double-dipped. Stupid double-dippers! No wonder everyone hated her.


Tonight’s episode appears to be 64 minutes long.

I dare to predict:

We won’t find out what Kate did. At least, not in total. There’ll be some huge piece if the puzzle missing, such as why she’d do it.

I saw an interesting spoiler (not really a spoiler but more of a preview) about the next episode after tonight’s.

Apparently it will be a flashback episode about the island BEFORE the plane crash. THAT could be a very informative episode.

Here’s the quote:

Next up is an episode called “Merged.” This episode contains flashbacks about the island itself, before the plane crash. We’ll learn how the hatch “came to be.” Rumor has it we’ll even know exactly what will happen if the infamous numbers aren’t typed into the computer, and we’ll learn more about the origins of the Others.*

I’m guessing that she removed that label from her mattress. That could be why Mom was afraid of her…

To add more:

Kate’s crime is revealed in an episode in which she watches over a very ill Sawyer. Meanwhile, the tailies bury one of their own; Mr. Eko has a hatch-related surprise for Locke, and Michael has a surprise encounter with the hatch computer.

The tailies? Cindy, perhaps?

Kate’s original crime is revealed; Locke and Eko discover something interesting about the film; Michael has a mysterious encounter with a computer.

“We’re going to have to watch that again.”

I’m definitely agreeing that Locke and Eko are opposite numbers, like the backgammon pieces. If they reveal Eko’s first and middle names, and the initials are L. and C., then that clinches it. Thinking of the Gilgamesh/Enkidu connection; Enkidu was a wild man until he was tamed. (By a week of wild sex, yeah, that would do it for me.) Eko had true regrets about his violence to The Others (with his 40 days of silence), which makes me wonder whether he was a violent man in his past, and had vowed to renounce his evil ways.

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but in the episode where the Tailies are introduced, And Mr. Eko says his name, the closed captioning says something like “Mystreko”. Now it could have been a typo, or a garbled CC line… But I’ve also wondered if that is actually his first name and his english speaking companions just heard “Mister Echo” and the name stuck.


The Canadian preview has some rather interesting material.

Blast doors?

Am I imagining things? Or did I see in a preview of tonight’s episode… that the timer ticks down to 0:00.

Yep. That relates to my spoiler above.

A little spoilage on the Dharma Initiative, for those who are interested.

The Dharma Initiative was a communal research facility on the island. A lot of scientists and free-thinkers got together to do a lot of different kinds of research: psychiatry, zoology - and remember that with the zoology of the film you saw some polar bears. It’s possible there were some animal aggression studies going on there, as well as human psychology experiments and a whole variety of other things. The Dharma Initiative was founded by two peacenik Grad students who were trying to get to the bottom of a lot of mysteries about human behavior. There are six bunkers on the island, and they were devoted to a lot of different kinds of research. That’s going to open up a lot of different avenues for us to tease you with what the kind of research was, and how it’s evolved now that the Dharma Initiative seems to have fallen into disrepair. A lot has happened on the island and the Dharma Initiative is just the tip of the iceberg…

Now, that’ll be worth waiting for! I get the sense that the writers will be feeding us large chunks of new stuff periodically and then just spinning the wheels of the story for awhile after that. The first few episodes this season introduced lots of good, new info, but it’s been awhile since we’ve really learned anything.

I did a run down in the Questions thread about what subplots the writers had advanced and what they had ignored completely.

I recommend it to geeks, dorks and nerds.

I’ll second that–very helpful. :slight_smile:

I’m really stupidly excited to see what Kate did, given how much I’ve taken to disliking Kate lately. I just really hope that it’s something actually bad, and not a “I killed my father for touching me” cop-out. Sure, maybe she’s got a good heart, but I’d rather see that she made a mistake in her youth than committed some crime under mitigating circumstances.

Has anyone looked into what Eko was carving on his stick in the early part of “The Other 48 Days”? That’s been bugging me for a few weeks now, as I tend to think that it’s often the stuff going on in the periphery that holds the most clues. Anyway, he was not just sharpeing the stick, but carving some sort of marks on it.

I had assumed at the time that he was counting down the days of his self-imposed silence, but I don’t have it on tape anymore. I thought it was the time-honored “four marks vertically, and one diagonally equals five” sort of thing.

There is a lot of stuff carved on that stick. The producers have joked that the stick is going to get a flashback of its own.

If the spoilers I have read are correct, we are in for a number of revelations this episode. Plus the usual 87 new questions. :smiley:

Draelin (a hint, but no spoilage)

It’s actually bad.

She drank merlot with halibut, didn’t she? Bad Kate! Bad!

You got it! That borders on a Crime Against Humanity. :smiley: