Lost 1.22: "Born to Run"

First the rules:

Interesting title. Maybe the writers will use the slow, accoustic version of Bruce’s song in the ending clips of tonight’s episode.

The action should pick up tonight, as is usual after a “character development” episode like we had last week. What will the other castaways think of the hatch? Will the raft get launched? Will Walt show again why he’s “special”?

Will the female castaways finally stage a wet tee-shirt contest? :slight_smile:

Whose backstory will the flashbacks be on tonight? Anybody know? (Probably needs to be in a spoiler box if you do…)


So who thinks that they will open Pandora’s Hatch tonight?

And anybody think that Locke already has?

Do you think anyone will notice the evil numbers on the hatch and tell Hurley?

Do you think Hurley will say “Dude” at least 3 times this episode?

Will we get to see Sun and or Shannon in a bikini again?

Ah! That sheds some light on the episode title, no?

Oh goodie, another backstory for that person. twirls finger in the air
I saw Jorge Garcia (Hurley) on the local news and he was asked if anyone else will die,

He says everyone that is left makes it to season two, however some of them might be unaccounted for at the season finale.

No way. If it gets openned, that’ll be on the season finale.

Interesting idea. I don’t think so. Locke is going to be like Moses-- he leads the people to the proimed land, but never gets to enter it.

Will we get to find out more about the creepy nature of Walt’s powers? They’re getting ready to sail the raft, and he’s already burned it once – what other kinds of trouble does he have up his sleeves?

In the previews, Walt tells Locke not to open “that thing.” Walt’s never seen the hatch (or whatever it is - it’s more like a capsule or something, now that it’s been dug out more), so how does he know about it? Hmmm, more to speculate about.

Also, Michael is seen doubled over like he’s in pain or sick. I’m guessing appendicitis or food poisening maybe. Will Jack be able to help him?
Will he still try to leave? Who exactly will be going? Michael, Walt, Jin, and Sawyer? If Michael is sick, who will go in his (and presumabley Walt’s) place? Kate? Hurley?

The reason I ask is that we already know that Locke was there when the light came ON in the hatch, but we don’t know the result of it… i.e. what happened next…?

  • Did he just look through the window and get a chance to see what was inside?
  • Did the wormhole aliens open the door and let him in for the next guided tour?
  • Did he just see a bright light, but nothing discernable, and still couldn’t get in, and was left banging his head against a tree in frustration after the credits rolled?

Dammit, I want to know!

Should Michael go in the first place? I don’t remember him ever saying he has sailing experience. If it comes down to that, shouldn’t Shannon go (and leave Sun her bikinis)?

Wile E, your spoiler looks like something I’d think the producers would rather Jorge Garcia hadn’t shared. I wonder if he’ll get in trouble for it.

I’m wondering if Michael is doubled over by a pain caused by Walt’s powers, thereby preventing his dad from leaving on the raft.

Dammit, I love this show!

Oooooh, you’re right; I hadn’t even thought of that. That Walt needs to be watched. He’s a tricky one.
Damn kid’s baseball league. My son has practice tonight, and we won’t get home till 8:20 or so. I’m such a stickler for watching it “whole” and in real time that I’ll just find something else to do till 9:00 and then watch my tape. It’ll be agony!

The thing with the hatch is a refrigerator. Michael has some bad yoghurt.

Teaser spoilage for this episode…

The truth about Kate continues to come out as the castaways draw battle lines in the sand. Fittingly it all starts with stormy weather. Realizing that the monsoon season will soon be upon them, Michael and Jin scamble to complete the raft in hopes of shoving off sooner than later. But dark clouds roll in after someone’s deadly move to secure themselves a seat on the boat casts suspicion on several survivors. Including Freckles herself. Though it looks as if she may be too busy recalling the tragic history of her toy plane to be bothered with such treachery.

Well, it is Michael’s raft, in a way. He’s the one who thought to build it, and has been in charge of the construction from the beginning. It was his idea, and he’s the one who wanted to build a raft to get his son off the island.

Can’t be. The light was on while the door was closed…

But, LOST is aired on Wednesdays. Wednesday is Opposite Day!

And how, exactly, do you know that the light in your fridge turns off when the door is closed??? It’s one of the great unsanswered questions of mankind…