Lost 1.4 "Walkabout"

I got screwed by a combo of the presidential debates, KOMO 4 TV and TV Guide listings. According to TV guide, Lost was supposed to be on at 9:00 in my area. I turn on the TV around 8:50 and catch the last few minutes. Very disappointing :frowning: Details on the first 50 minutes would be very appreciated.

Holy cats, that was cool.

They’re actually thinking about things and following through more than the last couple of cynical nitpicking threads would have expected. :wink: Sayi

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Sayid thinking about and trying to track down the power source? We were thinking the show was going to try to justify something implausible like solar panels or a wind generator or something. No, Sayid’s got the right idea. Cool.

Running out of food quickly? Of course. They’re still terribly disorganized. No surprise they blasted through the available resources.

And Locke’s backstory, and mysterious recovery, is one heck of a ballsy character choice. I got chills when he rolled back from the desk. Then I backed up through the episode and checked: sitting in the chair at work, lying in bed, lying in the forest shocked into terrified stillness at possibly having lost the miraculous gift… It sure could be cheesy, with the guy talking about Everest and the double amputee finding his destiny and then Locke winding up on the island, but Terry O’Quinn is totally selling it; the spiritual certainty in his eye, bordering on madness, is completely convincing. (And I wonder if there still isn’t more to say about him, either. Who was he before he lost the use of his legs? He said he had been dealing with it for the last four years. Was his previous life where he got the Colonel from? Can we say for sure that the whole knife-throwing tough-guy bit came after he was in the chair, or was he something special prior to whatever happened? And what did happen, anyway? No, there’s more to go on this guy yet.)

I have no idea what’s going to happen next. That hasn’t happened for me with a TV show since… since Firefly. I’m not sure this is quite as good, at least not yet, but it’s got tons of potential.

Great episode, especially since last weeks was a little slow.

Right off the bat, it was “what are going to do about the dead bodies?” and “what are we going to do about food?” It was nice to see them thinking a little practically.

I liked Locke’s “gold toe” socks. That’s what I wear (and about a billion other people).

It was fortunate that Locke’s legs hadn’t atrophied. :rolleyes:

Eh, I’ll grant 'em a little dramatic license.

Another great episode!

  • Locke…Wow! He’s now my favorite character…so far. Terry O’Quinn is fantastic in this role.

  • I’m betting the mysterious man Jack sees is just a hallucination, brought on my lack of sleep.

  • Sayid will find the power source. :wink:

  • Why-o-why did they burn the fuselage??

  • I don’t think these people died. Why are some people really dead? Pulling an M. Night Shamalammadomdom here would really, really suck.

We’re laughing because that whole scene looks like it was taken directly from the movie Office Space.

I hope they have another flashback scene showing Locke “telling off” his boss (before he leaves for Austrailia), and then maybe smashing a printer to pieces with a baseball bat!


Pure speculation here. Not a true spoiler.

I could swear that when Kate was up in the tree and “saw” the Thing, it showed something invisible making footprint indentations in the tall grass. I seems obvious that the Thing killed the boar, and perhaps Locke was reacting to seeing a dead boar “floating” in the air. At any rate, if it were invisible it would allow Locke to say he didn’t see the Thing.

The behavior of the Thing is a bit strange too. Pulls the pilot out of the plane and kills him, but doesn’t eat him. Kills the boar and maybe is eating it, yet doesn’t kill Locke. The Thing is like a huge kitten playing with a mouse – “hey, I didn’t mean to hurt it”. This is kind of funny (and stupid at the same time), but in my mind’s eye I was picturing an invisible, huge version of the deformed kid in the Goonies. Heh, heh.[/spoiler]

I also suspected right away that Locke had been previously paralyzed when they showed the flashback of him moving his toes. Probably the only time in history I’ve ever figured something like that out before it was actually revealed.

That would be awesome. Especially if he’s shouting “PC Load Letter? What the f*** does THAT mean?”

I’ve heard from various articles and interviews:

the “Thing”/“Monster” is not a dinosaur.

I’m getting a definite “X Files” flashback with the “monster.” For instance, it’s the manifestation of all their fears, or something. If they refuse to believe in it, it can’t hurt them. I’m also thinking the Man in the Suit is Roarke, from “Fantasy Island.” I’m sure someone’s made that connection by now.

OK, I’m just shooting in the dark here.

Yeah, that snookered me too. I do have to wonder about two things: Why didn’t anyone notice the guy in the wheelchair, like while they were boarding at the gate? Then I figured, who really pays attention to that kind of stuff, and would remember after a plane crash?
Also, what kind of phone sex operator charges $90 an hour? :eek:

From its height, The Thing standing over Locke could have been a giraffe. If the polar bear was part of a zoo, it’s possible a giraffe was brought here as well.

If the kid conjured up the polar bear after seeing one in a comic book,
and if Kate conjures up The Thing as part of some dark fear or impulse,
and if Jack conjures up his personal demon in form the guy in the suit,
then the island may have some sort of Star Trek wish-granting thing going on;

In which case:

Locke, who craved an adventure, may have “caused” the crash by lamenting the walkabout he’d been denied. The wish was, after all, granted on both counts.


The kind that charges $1.50 per minute. That is, the cheap ones.

Algernon, FWIW, I didn’t see any “footprints”. I just saw trees moving around like we’ve seen before.

Hmmm. I wish I had it recorded.

Regarding supernatural explanations, here are a couple (second-hand) quotes from the producers of the show (to avoid getting flamed, I’m going to spoiler this:

[spoiler]Acknowledging the bizarre elements, Lindelof was quick to point out: “This show isn’t ‘The X-Files.’ Everything that happens to these characters is grounded to reality as we know it. Time and space are not bent.”

“What we are trying to do is make sure everything has a very Scully explanation,” Fury said, referring to the X-Files character. “This is not a show about the supernatural, despite the fact that we have a very huge creature that likes to eat people. Despite the surreal, bizarre aspects of the island, there will be an explanation for it. It may not come for a very long time, but certain information about the island will explain how things are possible. We’ll try to root it in real science or real pseudo-science. There will be no mystical reason or an island of monsters.”[/spoiler]

I think I decided what I want to be when I grow up!

So help me god, if the show takes this turn, I’m walkin’!!

Well, for one thing people in wheelchairs board first. He would have been seated when all those around him boarded. I just wonder what he was supposed to do if he had to go to the bathroom, it’s a very long flight. Then again we mustn’t think too hard about the little details as this is television and they don’t bother with them.
Here’s a WAG maybe the “thing” is …

A giant Jesus who only smites the unbelievers. The pilot was an atheist. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one gripe about the previews for last night’s episode. Did anyone notice how Boone said to his sister “someone could have died out there.” In the previews they used his voice but edited it to “someone died out there.” That was a lousy thing to do.
Sorry, Lego, I thought someone would have posted a summary for you by now. I was going to do it but I just got a call and I have to meet a delivery at work in half an hour and it will take me a while to type all that out. If no one’s done it by tonight I’ll try to do it then. Or you could call me later tonight if you still have my number. Or I could call you since I have your numbers from when Grace posted them in LJ.

I gotta think, after watching the first few episodes, that he was not telling the truth.

I loved this episode. Javamaven1 and I laughed at the “TPS reports” reference! We both sort of think that Locke is a little like Milton from Office Space. Only with more of an edge.

Is anyone else wondering when the survivors will organize a party to hike around the island to see if any other people, or whether it is even an island?

I mean, don’t you think someone would realize by now that boar and polar bears typically need to brought to an island by people? Especially in the middle of the South Pacific? There could be a resort on the other side for all they know!

I’ll admit that I’m also more than a little bit curious about the geography of the island.

Count me among the people who think this group of castaways all rode the short bus to school. They ignore obvious shelter and materials, they take no steps to explore their surroundings, and it’s fairly obvious that the Korean guy is the only one who knows anything about “alternate” foodstuffs. They have no idea how to make fishing spears, and haven’t done a thing to ration resources.

There is a reef or shallows about 100 yards off the beach…why aren’t they out there fishing and gathering shellfish? Morons! :smiley:

My wife and I were joking last night about creating a Lost Doper Dream Team that would guarantee we get off the island by mid-season. I’m sure there is more than enough talent in this bunch to make that possible.

That would be only slightly less stupid than “they’re all already dead and the whole thing is a dream.”

And not being one who calls phone-sex lines, I didn’t calculate how much an hour’s worth costs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geez, give 'em time. They’ve only been there 4 days and yes, they’ve already tried to fish with a spear. It doesn’t make 'em fit for the short bus that they don’t know how to fish with a spear. Furthermore, they’ve travelled through the woods to the cockpit and to the top of a big hill, so I can’t really agree that they haven’t explored their surroundings.

As for taking shelter in the fuselage, yeah, I would have thought that they removed all the bodies and used it. But seeing how people were sqeamish enough about burning them, I don’t really see that happening.

Algernon, I still don’t get your point.

In your spoiler you wrote, There will be no mystical reason or an island of monsters.

So, do you think that something could be leaving invisible footprints without being mystical or a monster?

Did anyone else see invisible footprints?