Lost 1.4 "Walkabout"

I was wondering why Locke was so interested in the toes on his right foot and also noticed that the sole on the shoe he picked up looked new, but didn’t figure out what it meant.

By the way, in a previous thread on this show, someone wondered why there were no Australians on the show. Last night the woman who suggested the memorial service definitely had an Australian accent.

Furthermore, they’ve travelled through the woods to the cockpit and to the top of a big hill, so I can’t really agree that they haven’t explored their surroundings.


I cringed when they didn’t climb to the top of the hill to get a feel for how big the island is, and to see if there are any distinguishing landmarks. Or perhaps abandoned structures?

6 days, according to Jack last night. And that’s no excuse. Burning the plane was an act of madness. There is enough wiring in that sucker to weave fish nets, animal snares, attach proper spearheads to shafts, etc. I stand by my “morons” evaluation.

Doesn’t mean I won’t be glued to the set next week, though! :smiley:

Actually, I doubt that the copper wires in the wiring would burn, just the plastic jacket, so they may still be able to use the wire.

Has anyone posited the theory that…oh, heck, I’ll put it in a Spoiler Box, in case nobody wants to hear…

[SPOILER]…that the person that returned looking like Locke wasn’t Locke at all?

What if the supernatural “thing” is really a shapeshifter of some sort? It would certainly account for the writer’s assertion that we may have seen someone on the island that wasn’t on the plane.

What if this whole series is “Cast Away” meets “John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’”?

Anyway, food for thought.

OK, new theory:

The “thing” is a giant monitor lizard.

I doubt it… Locke was grinning as his wheelchair burned. A fake Locke wouldn’t have been affected by that.


…he wasn’t grinning about the wheelchair burning, so much as the eeeeeevil he plans on doin’.

Lots of ways to take that.

Still, it seems like half of these “LOST” threads are people commenting on the 50 million things they also could have done on any particular episode. The show would be 3 hours long per week if it was all in there. You know, they didn’t go to the top of the hill. They didn’t go out to the reef to fish. They didn’t remove the wiring.

accept a little shorthand from the director.

For example. . .

Scene: we saw them removing seat cushions from the fuselage before the fire.

What to take from it: they didn’t indiscriminately torch everything in sight.

Now, one thing I thought was a little dumb was starting the fire at night. I’d think a big plume of smoke is easier to see during the day than a fire would be at night. And, I wouldn’t even have cared when they built the fire except they actually discussed it, and I think they came to the wrong conclusion. Maybe I’m wrong about that though.

Good point.

I’ll buy the directorial shorthand, because it’s a very valid point…but they could have shown people working in the background in any number of shots. 48 people + 6 days = a ton of work done, if anybody is even the slightest bit organized.

On top of all that, if Jack is a doctor, he should know that human remains don’t burn all that well. To cremate a human requires incredible heat, which isn’t going to be generated by an open fire in a smashed plane fuselage! They are still going to have to deal with the skeletal remains, which will not burn.

Burning the bodies was the right thing to do. It’s eliminates disease and animal scavaging threats. They should have burned the bodies outside of the fuselage, however. The bones will still have to be removed by hand.

I bet there are more than a few people just sitting around waiting to be rescued or someone to take charge or suffering from PTS. 48 people * 6 days IS a lot of work time… for a labor crew. It’s NOT a lot of time for random survivors of a plane crash.

They’re not trying to completely obliterate the bodies. They’re trying to get them to a state where the (pardon me) rotting flesh isn’t going to stink, attract wild animals, and be a disease breeding ground.

Lump me in with those who think that burning the fuselage is a bad idea. I think Jack was right in his assumption that something was going to eat any bodies they left lying about, and burning them was probably the best method. But there was no reason to burn the closest thing they have to shelter.

I loved Locke’s development here. Truly. It really makes you understand his behavior in the first two episodes. And the TPS thing made me snarf my soda, which is uncomfortable.

I am really looking forward to Hurley’s story. He’s been the sidekick on so many of the “beach adventures”. He’s always the guy who happens to be standing next to whatever’s happening, and I’m just dying to know how he got there.

Rose intrigues me. She seems awfully sure her husband isn’t dead. I’m tempted to believe her.

If Mr. Roarke is Jack’s dad, I’m totally hoping we’re going to hear a story of how he disappeared or faked his death and is actually there. Hallucinations aren’t much fun.

Oh, and Jurph, you’re out of luck on the timing front. Personally, I watch Smallville at 8 while I tape Lost and watch it at 9. :slight_smile:

To clarify: [spoiler] The quote about there being nothing mystical nor monstrous was not something I was claiming. It was something that the producers supposedly are claiming.

My hypothesis was that there is a possiblity that the large creature is invisible. This could be explained with science (or rather, pseudo-science). It would not necessarily be anything supernatural or monstrous, so it would fit with what the producers have claimed. In addition, it would explain why Locke says he didn’t “see” the creature that killed the boar.[/spoiler]

Me too. In some ways, I want him to turn out to be just a normal guy – I mean, [ii]everyone* can’t have a freakish past – but he’s been privy to so much information and been nearby when so much stuff happened, I have to wonder if the produccers are setting us up for something big, Hurley-wise.

Something fun I found last night: Second Tour of Finland: The Unofficial DriveSHAFT Fansite. Zap’s essay on Charlie is interesting, as are the bits of the news section that cover bits of Charlie’s self-destructive past.

Ok, that’s just … I can’t think of a word… uh… “creepy-cool.”

The wheelchair wasn’t burning. It was in the foreground of a shot with the fire in the background, so it may have looked like it was, but it wasn’t. I rewound to make sure.

They wouldn’t burn the wheelchair! We’ve seen the castaways using it to haul cargo, and it’s still useful for that purpose.

So far Hurley has been made out to be the simplest, most angst-free character on the show. I can’t wait for that, inevitably, to be turned on its head.

Maybe it’s just me, but I swear she did not have that accent in the first three shows.

Wish I still had them taped to check.

No, I remember hearing it pretty clearly from the pilot on. She didn’t say very much back then, though, so it might have been easy to miss.

She did have the accent, which makes her the only Australian we’ve heard from thus far. Maybe they were all in the tail section.