Lost 1.4 "Walkabout"

The U.S. residents, being on a return flight, generally bought their tickets earlier and were more likely to be seated in the front. I know this for certain because I pulled it out of my ass.

Hey, you could be a writer for the show!

I think Locke’s phone lady was his therapist. He needs one, having to deal with whatever caused him to lose use of his legs. Maybe it was all psychological with him.

As for the Hobbit bringing fish…

The rock and pool,

is nice and cool,

so juicy sweet.

Our only wish,


to catch a fish,


so juicy sweet.*

Well, I checked with my local ABC affiliate and they have no plans to air Lost again. Anyone have a tape? Willing to reimburse tape/shipping cost, of course. Email in profile!

For those still needing a recap, here’s the recaplet from Television Without Pity:

Wild boars attack Midsection Beach, so Jack organizes a fuselage bonfire to get rid of the bodies. Claire puts together a touching tribute to the dead and their corrective lenses. Meanwhile, Locke, Kate, and Mercutio go out on a boar-hunt that ends with Mercutio hurt, Kate breaking Sayid’s radio equipment, and Locke staring the Iron Giant in the face. Rose doesn’t believe her husband is dead, and Jack’s seeing strange besuited men on the beach. Finally, via flashbacks we learn Locke’s deal: until the crash, he was a sad phone-sex addict who worked at Initech and used a wheelchair. Now he’s a virile knife-thrower who can drag a dead boar all the way to the beach. Plane crashes: your ticket to a Brand New You!

Not sure that needs spoilerization, but just to be safe.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t see invisible footprints, just moving vegetation.

I also considered that it’s not the real Locke that came back, but I doubt that’s the case. Still, he must have seen something, why didn’t he freaking tell us? stomping feet

And that Driveshaft fansite is way creepy cool.

Doesn’t she tell him she thinks he should get a therapist? And she doesn’t have what I would call a therapist’s attitude.

1- Did she? I didn’t catch that if it was said.

2- Maybe she’s reacting poorly to his falling for her.

It was the line about “I’m going to have to charge you $89.95 for another hour,” that made me immediately think therapist. Perhaps company sponsored? That could explain the not quite professional attitude. Plus, I’m already reading a psychosomatic element into his disability, so some sort of therapist is my first impression. Gollum.

Heh, heh. Superb. Simply superb.

Allusions galore. Your post was as good as the TPS Reports reference in the show.

Thanks, Al. I think the show’s creators did that on purpose.
Someone clarify something for me, please. Was it clearly stated or strongly implied that phone girl was a phone sex operator? If so, please point it out. Because I didn’t get that vibe at all. But, hey, maybe I got distracted and missed it.

Naw, it was pretty clearly a phone sex operator who was going “outside of her normal role”.

Yep, what Raygunn99 said.
She suggested that he talk with a therapist and he said he had a therapist. Seemed obvious to me she was a phone-sex girl getting creeped out by Locke’s delusional fixation.

Well, seeming obvious or not, can someone please point out the ‘obvious’ implication? Was it the $89.95? Or something else?

Heck with that, you’re needed in Great Debates!

I ask that not to be argumentative, but because that makes the preflight Locke even more of a pathetic creature if true. Which would be an interesting twist.

That was clearly my impression too. She also referred to Locke as her “customer”. I’d think a therapist would refer to their patient as a client. Subtle maybe, but it seems to reinforce the phone-sex operator interpretation.

I thought the more obvious remark (which has been mentioned already) is when she suggested Locke see a therapist.

NoClueBoy - the woman on the phone definitely said he should see a therapist. He angrily replied “I HAVE a therapist!” So she wasn’t a therapist. IIRC she mentioned something about that she isn’t allowed to have a relationship with her clients - that and the “charge you” thing led me to believe she was a phone-sex operator.

One thing I didn’t see mentioned yet - Locke is a government assassin, yes? As I was backtracking after seeing the wheelchair, everything made sense, except for that phone call. “Is the line secure? You are a go for the mission, say again, a go for the mission.” Who was that talking to him, if in fact he wasn’t some shadowy government type?

I think the guy on the other end of that call was the coworker with whom he played the war game during lunch, goofing around. A rendezvous at 1300 hours is about right for lunchtime.

No shit. I totally missed that. OK, then where did he get that suitcase full of knives? You certainly didn’t need some of those for “walkabout” - like the brass knuckle-blade combination.

I’m pretty sure phone gilr said “client.” But all the rest of it fits. I had somehow pictured that Locke meant her when he said “I have a therapist!” I thought it was him saying in effect, “I have one, it’s you.” But, it confused me as to why he said that.

The missing piece for me is now clear. I didn’t hear her say “You need a therapist.” So, yeah, phone sex definitely makes sense. Thanks, guys.

No spoiler box on this because 1) it is only a WAG and 2) I don’t know how to do a spoiler box.

I think there is history between Kate and Sawyer. Maybe even she is taking the fall for a crime he committed. Things to consider

A - For Kate to be so quick to take the gun away from Sawyer in the interior of the island, she sure did give it back to him easily (I’m associating no on-screen scene to with no conflict) to put the Marshal out of his misery.
**Just for reference, if I’m ever in poor condition on an island, dont shoot me,
I’ll be hoping to the last to make a recovery in a hospital somewhere

B - Right before the ‘mercy killing’ Kate and Sawyer were all alone in that area where Kate was trying to build the fire and she seemed very at ease, even as she stacked firewood with the pistol hanging sexily out the back of her pants and Sawyer milled around behind her.

C - Last night’s episode (10/13) showed Sawyer acting protective of her in the scary moments when the wild boars invaded the beach

This theory would account for a couple of things; why Kate seems to be such a darn nice girl to be handcuffed by a Marshal and also why Sawyer was so quick to do the ‘mercy killing’ he botched so badly.

Love this show.

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PS - The producers have said no mystical answers but perhaps grounded in 'psuedo-science…???WTF???..wouldn’t Star Trek also be explanable through psuedo-science?