Lost 1.11: "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"

Hurly has lost some weight. I mean, he was GIGANTIC the first few weeks, now he’s just huge.
Locke worked at a box company? So…, he’s a Locke box?
Ethan is really bad. Murderously so. (Threat) What dioes he want with Claire and Charlie?
Man, this stuff just gets better.

He gets a manicure. :eek:


So, is Crown of Thorns a goner???

never mind…

Oh, my god. My heart almost stopped there.

Notice how the kid always rolls exactly what he needs for his next move in the game? There’s something important about that kid.

Jack sees his father in the murderous threats of Ethan, which is why he is so intent on finding them NOW! He’s not going to have another death on his conscience.

Abyss scene was predictable. :frowning: But, it will add to the story down the line, I’m sure.

Apparantly it was Claire and baby Ethan wanted, he tried to kill Charlie. Charlie was taken simply because he was with her. Point of law: since he hung Charlie up and he died (not breathing, no heartbeat), yet Jack brought him back to life (Jesus and Lazarus, anyone?), would Ethan be guilty of murder or attempted murder?

Yeah, he’s LUCKY.

For some reason, he needs to be on this island. But, what is the reason…?

Where did Boone and Locke end up? They’re close to something. Pandora’s Box!

Charlie is reborn. But is it a good thing? Or evil?

We need to see Shannon’s ass again.

Wow, this show has the BEST episode endings!

Who’s looking at Maggie the Cat?

OMG - this episode!!! :eek: :mad: :eek: :confused: :frowning: :eek:

I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me!



Charlie!!! :eek: Charlie???

Oh, dear Og.

Oo, and what did Boone and Locke find???


head explodes… leaves behind… brrrraaaaains

Wat’s Luck

Just like Teela Brown and the lucky gene, Walt’s luck requires him to be there for some reason. But he can’t control the luck. It controls him. (wag)

Here’s where it gets tricky, though. Walt’s Luck is a two edged sword. It killed his mom somehow, and sent him off on this horrible adventure. But, “You’re the luckiest kid I know” (said his other dad). So, he needs to be on the island. For a reason that is greater than the loss of his mother.

I predict we see something profound and disturbing about kids and this island. Perhaps the Next Step?

And, if I interpret the preview correctly, we don’t get to find out what Boone and Locke found for at least 2 weeks!

Missed a letter. Gah! :smack:
I hate that

Oh my shit! I knew he couldn’t really be dead (I’m not spoiled – he just couldn’t!) but there were tears in my eyes. I called the “Ah, Jack’s powers of redemption will bring him back to life in order to Heal Jack’s Past,” but he still didn’t come back to life until I said to my roommate, “Jesus, he’s going to crack his sternum!” To reiterate: oh my shit!

So we’re back to backgammon and its symbolism, we’ve learned tidbits of backstory on Walt and Kate, and does it not speak to the inherent creepiness of the island that there are people coming back from the dead with no medical attention other than a savage beating?

Who are “they,” Charlie? Given his verve in past episodes, one would expect him to be clawing at the cave walls to get out and find Claire before it’s too late…unless he knows it’s already too late. He says he didn’t hear or see anything, but he left a trail, he knows it was “they” – why could he be holding back?

What about the steel plate in the forest floor? It sounded hollow in places – maybe a bunker? I’d almost think the island was man-made or at least terraformed like Mars 2112.

umm… well that sucked. I thought it was at 9 for some reason… guess I gotta get it from a friend and miss the discussion.

Was it just my imagination, or did the husband of the woman who died in surgery look a lot like Ethan…?

Heh heh, Charlie’s a has been singer and you said “Verve.” :smiley:
Perhaps Ethan (as one of “they”) is merely a physical manifestation of evil on the island. And inside that box is is the means by which the inner demons are released. Thus, the “infection” and Danielle’s need to kill them all. Monster of the Id, people!
The pattern of redemption continues also. Jack was unable to save the woman and her unborn child from the evil that was his dad. But, by saving Charlie from the dead, he is that much closer to saving Claire and Damien.*

*Might as well name the kid Damien. Til further notice.

Longer. I believe this was the last new episode until January. None of the sites I can think of to check are updated yet, but I heard it mentioned on Access Hollywood or something last night. S’okay … gives us time to watch everything again and come up with as many ridiculous ideas as we can so that by the time it starts back up, we’re so confused everything is a surprise. :slight_smile:

If we’re going to keep up with the Jesus/Jack parallels, I believe it’s been mentioned before that Jack’s last name is Shepherd.

I thought the same thing for a moment, but I didn’t get a good enough look. This is precisely why I tape things. :slight_smile: X-Files taught me that.

Oh, and I think that Locke and Boone have found a bomb shelter-type dwelling. And the level of surreal got jumped up about five notches when Boone said “redshirt”–I had been explaining the very concept (and how we think the writers are taking their ideas from us :stuck_out_tongue: ) to my friend about five minutes earlier.
Scaaaaaaaaaary …

Braaaaaaaainsssss …