Lost 3.6: I Do

Lift up your eyes and look north… to the other island that’s been there all along, you twits! :stuck_out_tongue:


So are the producers mocking us now, or what?

Locke: "“Mr. Eko, I like to think you died for a reason. I just hope it’s not too long before we find out what it is.”

Yeah, join the choir!!

Well, Sawyer is getting his freak on with Kate. He already got “caught in a net” with Ana Lucia first – guess he won’t be sharing that little tidbit with her.

So will Ben put that vid up on YouTube? :wink:

They were probably never going to kill Sawyer. Ben just ran out of porno tapes, and he’s been manipulating events so that he can watch the current episode of “Caged Heat: Passion Behind Bars” from the video monitoring room.

I think he was getting tired of the old tape: “Polar Barin’ it All”

Wow – who let Jack out?

Guess he knows he’s second potato now.

Ahhh, so he’ll do the surgery, because now he’s got nothing to stay for. Sort of how Sawyer felt when he chose to go on the raft in Season 1?

Of course, Ben’s a liar. So maybe Jack would be better off if he’d just started shooting his way out.

Can we call her Saffron?

Juliet giving him meaningful looks – like “are you going to kill him and make it look like an accident or not?”

I have a feeling Juliet is going to do something besides follow orders.

oooh, Jack knows the other Others are up to something. He’s going to make them NOT kill Sawyer.

Why does he want to kill Sawyer so badly for? Sawyer didn’t kill Colleen. Sun did.

Wow – Kate’s pretty conflicted. “I can’t leave without you, Jack!”

So was she just giving Sawyer one last night of funsies, and she really loves Jack more?

Interesting ploy by Jack – but then, Juliet wants Ben to “accidentally” die in surgery.

Sooooo…our big revelation was - what again?

Exactly. I came here to see what the hell it was I must have missed when I blinked my eyes.

Sawyer had spilled the Alcatraz beans to Kate. I think perhaps some of Kate’s conflict with Jack on the radio was not wanting to leave Jack all by himself on an island that the Losties would have a very difficult time ever getting back to for a rescue?

I think her feelings for Sawyer are authentic. For the first time in her life she doesn’t have to hide anything from her significant other.

Well, also the problem with Jack’s plan is that it looks like he’s now the only one that doesn’t know it’s a seperate island. So he’s telling Kate to run, but where’s she going to run to? An hour head start only helps if she and Sawyer have a way to get from Other-Traz back to the main island. Otherwise, they’ll just be jogging in circles.

She’d probably better break that news to him quickly on the radio, so that he can adjust his plan, or else Operation Kidney Slit won’t get very far.

Jack grew a pair.

Other-traz huh? lol I like that.

So what was it Jack told Kate when they first crashed on the island?

I don’t even watch the show, but caught it tonight and had to stop in to say-- Nathan Fillion, yay! Someone give the boy his own damn show (again). One where he wears a uniform, preferably.

Jack’s story was something about how an operation took a nasty turn due to a mistake he’d made (nerves all spilling out like lattice ??? paraphrase). He then counted to five as a fear suppressing technique, got back to work and fixed the guy as if nothing had happened.


Would have been too obvious to for Jack to force the Others to give Sawyer and Kate the guns and come to the operating room? Then after the surgery they lock everyone up at gun point and flee on their own? Is that just too outlandish?

Kate’s a slut.

Malcolm Reynolds is back in town!

Seeing as how the Others have been threatening, beating, kidnapping and killing the Losties since day one for no reason whatsoever, I’m sure the writers don’t feel any reason is needed for this one Other to want to kill this one Lostie. Makes for good drama. Keeps you watching the soda commercials.