Lost 4/27 -- Highlight show?

It seems from the preview and the description that it’s kind of a highlight show of the flashbacks.

Am I correct or is it all completely new?

Anyone know?


It is, indeed, a recap episode, according to TV Tome (Warning: if you’re not careful, you’ll also see a blurb about the finale episodes–though it’s not really spoileresque) and ABC, but the synopses lead me to believe that there might be a little bit of new information, and barring that, previews of the upcoming episodes.

Per ABC …

A provocative new journey through the lives of some of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 – and a closer look at the island they’re stranded on – will be revealed.

Are they doing this so all the people who’ve been drawn in (or, gotten ‘Lost’? :wink: ) after the start of the show can catch up?

Pretty much.

I’ll be trying to catch up this week (I’ve finished up to ep 4 and I keep getting distracted by pesky things like studying) and watch the clip show in an attempt to know everything I can before finale.

They did the same thing with “Desperate Housewives” on Sunday. Once a show with a continuing storyline is in full gear, I tend to shy away from starting to watch it mid-stream, because then you have to catch up via reruns and stuff on the web. After watching the DH “Dirty Laundry” special, I might just start watching it.

ABC has got two continuing-storyline hits, so they’re trying to attract new viewers who’ve heard about the shows but, like me, don’t want to be lost (pun-pun) when they start watching.