Lost 5.6 "316"

Hahaha! Frank Lapidus is the pilot!

“Wait. We’re not going to Guam, are we?”

I always did love Frank. One of the few characters on this show that could count their fingers and come up with the same number twice.


I’ve been doing a couple other things while watching, but weren’t there people in the back of the plane? I thought I saw a blonde woman in the back.


Hajira airlines? I know that name means something.

Why are Hurley and Sayid on the plane? Why did Sun leave her daughter and Kate (that slut!) leave Aaron?

Why didn’t they hire a private plane so there wouldn’t be redshirts dying?

Did Ben get beat up trying to kill Penny?

I missed the first 20 minutes and I am – wait for it – LOST.

Tomorrow morning, afternoon-ish.

Thank you.

Four days earlier Sayid was all screw you guys, I’m going home; now he’s got himself arrested and deported to Guam? On purpose? Next week should be good

If I’ve picked the right name from IMDB, the character’s name is Ilana and she’s played by Zuleikha Robinson, who was on “New Amsterdam” and “The Lone Gunman”

Jack: “How can you read?”
Ben: “My mother taught me.”

So, Jack – has it not occurred to you yet to ask Ben why his arm’s in a sling and he looks like somebody’s been beating on his face?

read the damn note already Jack

But yet another chance for Ben to lie.


Yep, there were. At first, I thought Hurley had bought up all the other seats. But apparently, Hurley just bought up a bunch of seats so that fewer people would be on the plane.

Wow – they’re back in Dharma days! So did our Losties on the island get stuck in the Dharma time period when they stopped the flashes? Or did the flahses actually stop when Locke turned the wheel?

At least it was Jin driving the Dharma hippie van, and not somebody else with an itchy trigger finger.

Oh, ha, I didn’t catch that.

Cool episode; I’m glad they have the O6 the entire episode. I didn’t watch the preview for next week, but maybe they’ll do the same for the I6 next week.

Nope. This one will be about Locke’s time up to his death.


Ha, Locke totally got the last word. I was really hoping he would reappear at the river and say “Do you believe me now Jack?”

I get the feeling will slowly see what the rest of the O6 and Ben were doing this episode. I think Hurley very well knew where the plane was going and Sayid did not.

Also, I have a very stupid happy dance that happens during special scenes in this show. 99% of time it’s reserved for Desmond and Penelope scenes. I brought it out tonight when Frank was revealed to be the pilot.

Also, the guy sat across from Hurley is definitely gonna be a new character. Way too obvious of an introduction. Probably Sayid’s guard as well. Notsure about the rest of the plane. It’s probably some sort of proximity thing.

Also, was anyone else totally expecting a fake-out in the opening? Like it wasn’t really the island?

So the rest of the season is going to show us how Locke died, how Sayid ended up in custody, how Ben got beat up, what happened to Aaron, etc, etc, etc. I’ll tell you now - I don’t care.

The water bottle in the outrigger was from Hajira. It’s possible the 6 were shooting at time traveling group.

Actually, to recreate the crash, Ji Yeon should not be on the flight because he was conceived on the island. The case for Aaron is less clearcut. He wasn’t born yet, but he was on the flight.

No clue.

So it seems.

Nah. It looks like they’ll cover most of that in the next episode.

When Jack was in the bar, just before he answered his cell phone, the camera angle showed a woman seated down farther at the bar. I think there was a moment where he acknowledged her presence. I was thinking he was about to totally have an Ana-Lucia (reproduce your previous circumstances) conversation with her – looked like the setting for his Ana-Lucia-in-the-airport-bar scene, back at the end of Season 1. Anyone else?

It’ll probably be told through character-centric flashbacks again, so we’ll get a mix of on and off-sland action that we have come to love and know.