"Lost" and electricity

I just got an interesting question from a friend of mine. In the series Lost, wouldn’t there be a way to generate electricity from say wind power?

I’m thinking, it should be possible to modify a fan and have it work as a generator. Either have it run on wind, water or be turned manually. Then run the output into an ac/dc converter and a battery charger, which is bound to be on the plane.

For what purpose?

It would be easier to salvage the generator and battery from the smuggler’s Beechcraft. But there is a powerful energy source already on the island, or rather, under the sea offshore. Remember the thick cable Sayid found? That has to be powering something. And the light Locke saw streaming up from the hatch wasn’t any torch. :smiley:

Well, think of poor Hurley! He needs batteries to power his discman. Anyway, good point about the smuggler plane and the cable.

I’m sure that the Professor can simply jerry-rig a bicycle out of bamboo and some iron rods. Once he has that, it’s a simple matter to build a makeshift generator using an inductive coil and some neodymium magnets.

Just splice into that big ass cable coming out of the water near CFL’s place.

Although that might not be an electric cable. Maybe it’s just the line to the anchor that’s holding the island in place… :wink:

Something powered the electric chair she tortured Sayid with.

But, all I have is conjecture, too. :wink:

She has batteries that she clearly recharged with the static electricity of 16 years worth of brushing her hair… :smiley:

Only if the Skipper can keep Gilligan occupied, so he doesn’t wander into the Professor’s hut and screwing everything up like he did last week.


Is it safe to splice into a thick electrical cable without being able to shut off the power at the source?

A powerful live electrical source and seawater? What could go wrong?!

With hilarious results!

Uh, brushes her hair? When?

If you really want to get the attention of the folks in the hatch, chop the cable with an axe and cut off their PlayStations. :smiley:

Yeah, good point. I thought of that after I’d already hit submit…

So, did I miss the episode where they find the Japanese soldier who thinks WW2 is still being fought?

Yeah, and he had a jet pack stashed next to the Soviet satellite with the big ass transmitter.

Then, as they were trying to get of the island, Gilligan screwed it up for them.