Lost car title, Florida. What now?

Hello Everyone,

About six months ago my wife and I purchased a used 1988 Nissan 300zx. We bought the car for our daughter as she will be driving soon. The car didn’t run when we purchased it, so we got a smoking deal. I’ve spent the last few months supervising our son’s as they brought the car back to life. I have to say they have done a great job, the car runs and looks great.

We never switched the title into our names as I was unsure if we would get the car back to a running state and didn’t want to spend the money until the car was done. Well, it’s done and we can’t find the stupid title. It was in an envelope and it’s possible it was absently discarded. I do have the bill of sale, so what do I do now? I’m in Florida, so do I go to the DMV and all for a title to be issued? Is a hand written bill of sale enough proof to get one? Anyone have any idea of the cost to re-issue a title and how long it might take?

And yes, I’m a complete moron for not keeping better track of the title. No need to tell me that, my wife had made the point clear enough:smack:

I’m in Florida, so do I go to the DMV and all for a title to be issued?

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I had to get a title for my Mom’s car a few years back. She lived in Lauderdale. We had to drive to an office in Boca I believe it was. The folks at the DMV can tell you where you need to go. It was not a regular DMV office.

This site http://www.dmv.org/fl-florida/replacing-a-lost-title.php has some information you might find useful.

Just so I understand, you bought a used car from a stranger, but never bothered to get the title put into your or your daughter’s name? The car is still in the seller’s name?

Well, look at the bright side, you don’t have to worry about paying parking tickets or automated tolls.

Do you even need the title to register it down there? Up here in Maine, I believe anything older than a 95 can be registered with just a bill of sale.

Yep, as stated the car was non running. To title the car meant title transfer fee, tags and insurance. Until I was sure the vehicle could be fixed I wasn’t spending another penny. The car, while fixed sits in the garage and will until titled and insured. Had the car been unable to be repaired it would have been parted (for way more than we paid for it) and junked.

The car might also have an e-title. check with your DMV or, in some counties, your local tax office.