Lost the Title to my car, and that's not all... Now what?

Greets all,

I’m from NJ, my father signed over his car to me while he was very sick (about 3 months ago). He died shortly after.

After all that had to be done after that I never got around to doing much more than heading to the DMV and getting a new Title done on my name.

The car was never driven however. It sat in the garage untouched (I carpool to work, and was using my mother’s car for recreation… besides, It didn;t feel right for me to use the car for some reason). Now I NEED the car and I realize I have to first get insurance, then register it and get new plates.

Problem: I cannot, for the life of me, find my title. I moved after my father’s death and I can only presume that it was lost in the shuffle of the affairs immeadiately after his death, and while I was moving.

This is a big problem because the only documents I have for the car are my dad’s last (expired) registration card.

So what do I do? I took a look at the form for requesting a new copy of the title. It requires that you bring a registration card, or insurance card, and your driver’s liscence.

I can’t bring in an insurance card since I need my title to get one, and I can’t bring in the registration since it’s on my dad’s name and my driver’s liscence, obviously would not be a match.

I don’t know anyone who could give me advice on the subject, and I know that people on this board are amongst the saviest online :wink:

Could anyone offer any helpful advice?

Kinthalis, you don’t state where you live (what state) but have you tried going to http://google.com and looking for your State’s DMV? Or “Secretary of State” or whomever in your state does these things? Other than that, all I can think of is you may want to call a currency exchange in your area (they do these types of services here in Illinois for a fee) and ask THEM what they think??

I’m from NJ. :wink:

You mentioned a Currency Exchange, what is that exactly? A lawyer?

I’m from NJ. :wink:

You mentioned a Currency Exchange, what is that exactly? A lawyer?

Since the VIN number is on the car, you should be able to apply for a replacement title at your local County clerks office. I believe you would then need to have the executor of your father’s estate sign the title over to you.


Welcome, Kinthalis, from another New Jerseyan. I’m sorry about your father.

If I were you, I’d fill out the form and take the registration with you. The state’s page on replacing lost or stolen titles says you need the current registration. Well, that’s the most current one you have, right? Even if the registration (that has that car’s VIN, identifying it and tying it to the title) has your father’s name on it, they’ll be able to see that the title is in your name.

At least I’d give it a try. It’ll cost you, what, 6 or 8 hours at the DMV? :wink:

Im in California. I just ask the DMV for a duplicate & it’s about $7.00 but you might call them first & ask them what to do & what papers you need as mentioned above.