The DMV is useless. Where do I get a copy of my car's title?

I moved to a different state and have to get my car registered, but to do it I need to get a copy of the title. My car is financed so who holds the title? I asked the folks at the DMV and they looked at me like I was a fucking idiot (which I may or or may not be… it really isn’t the issue here though) and told me to contact my loan company, but I can’t get anyone from my loan company on the phone… it’s an automated phone system. Does the loan company even have the title or is it someone else? And what other problems should I expect to run into next time I go to the DMV with title in hand? I’ve already run into this title snag and a birth certificate problem because I only had a photocopy of it when I went to get my new license. Then I failed the DMV eye exam even though I went to the eye doctor two weeks before and passed his exam fine, but that’s another issue. Does the title have to be the original copy or can it be a fax. I need to get this shit done. This whole process has been a nightmare.

Where I live, you can go on the web and fill out a “lost title” form at the DMV website.

The loan company holds the title. If you can’t get hold of a human being there, I’d recommend calling the dealer who arranged the financing if a dealer did it, or calling the representative you spoke to when you arranged for it. Someone had to have had a line to another human being at the time of the loan’s inception.

Oh, right, your other questions. I don’t find it bizarre the damn DMV didn’t help you. I kid you not, it took me 13 trips to get it sorted out.

You will need:
Original title (or a version they sent you, not a copy or a fax)
Insurance card
Your old plates
Any information on liens you may have
An application for the registration - you can get it on the website, too

And probably some other shit I can’t remember right now. The car is yours, right? You didn’t just buy it?

I hate the DMV. They always look at you like you are stupid and never offer information… They never say “When you come back, you’ll need this,” or even “Bring pie”. They just say “You are missing Form ___.” And then next time, “I also need your insurance.” Bastards.

If you’re a AAA member, they might be able to help. The office near me is authorized to do some DMV-related stuff.

Every state is different. But with a majority of states, the lienholder off the car (loan company) has all rights to the car (title) until the loan is satisfied. The DMV can usually do nothing for you but handle tag work, etc. Also, the originating dealer who provided the loan for you usually will not be able to help you out.

To get quicker service from the loan company, try to find the dealer number for that loan company. If you need to know the dealer number, let me know the loan company and I will try to provide it for you (if it is a major company).

Yeah, I had the car registered in my last state for a couple years. I’ll try calling the dealer. Thanks for the info folks.

Oh yeah, the insurance… that was fun. Called them with my new address thinking all they had to do was change the address and maybe adjust the rates. Nooooo… I was informed that they didn’t offer insurance in NJ, but they may be offering it in a few weeks. So I called back a few weeks later and they did start accepting NJ residents. Great! But then I was informed that I had to cancel my old policy first. But, but… I don’t want to cancel I just want it to say I live in NJ now. Long story short I had to cancel the policy and create a new one, but couldn’t do it over the phone I could only do it over the internet or in person. I later found out that they cancelled my old policy on the date that I wanted them to, but my new policy didn’t go into effect until more than a week later.
Why can this not be a simple process? Everyone is screwing me.

The worst part about all this is I wasn’t planning on staying in NJ more than a few years, but shit I don’t want to go through all this again. So I may stay just because I don’t want to go through this again.

I send my checks to Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. Does that help? Thanks.

How true is that. I hate this process it makes me so bitter. And I wasn’t moving, I had simply donated my old car and my we had bought a used car for my SO so I took his old one. No money exchanged hands, we’re a family even if not wed, but the DMV can’t understand that. It took me forever to convince them that, no, I was not paying tax on a car I didn’t pay for and that was entirely paid off already.

When I needed to change my driver’s license from Hawaii to Georgia, I called the DMV to ask what to bring to prove residence. The girl rattled off a list of stuff, so I brought a bank statement. After standing in line for three hours, and watching the four people directly in front of me get turned away without getting what they had come for, it was my turn. The woman at the counter informed me the bank statement I had brought wouldn’t do, because it was more than 30 days old. (I had not been told this on the phone.) I was dumbfounded. I stared at her for a moment, then asked her “If someone gets what they come in here for the first time, do you lose your job?” Several people around me broke into applause.

jumps up and starts clapping


New Jersey is a special case. They recently changed their laws in a way that has caused a landgrab for all the insurance companies. I would guess that the laws there are still different in some way that is making it difficult for insurance companies to do things smoothly, or that because processes are new for the insurance companies, they haven’t streamlined things yet.