Lost in Paris without my Yellow Pages Ads - help!

Here’s the deal.

I’m in Paris and I need to get my hands on an English language yellow pages to use for an exercise in a meeting my company is holding tomorrow. Normally, I just rip out a couple pages from the book and we let the group critique various ads and answer leading questions. Well, somebody got the bright idea :rolleyes: to clean up our production room and ended up junking the fine Cincinnati Yellow Pages that I had been using for about a year.

NOW, I only have French Yellow Pages and the people that are coming don’t speak French - so I’m stuck.

I’ve tried to find some ACTUAL yellow pages ads online without luck - usually I can find listings directing me to business home pages (I need the actual ads). I’ve tried phoning hotel after hotel, but none of them have an English/American yellow pages. Since the embassies are closed now (and too far away for me to get to in time anyway), my next option is to start phoning all the English/Irish/American pubs and restaurants but that seems like a long shot.

But first, does anybody have an idea where I could something online? (remember, I need the Ads themselves, I don’t need help finding an online directory!)


You might consider hitting a library for a copy.

http://www.GoldenPAges.ie might be of use. (Use the tabs on the left of the index page)