Lost - is everyone a killer?

Have all of the main characters killed someone? Seems that most of them are responsible for deaths in one way or another.
Kate - killed her father.

Sawyer - killed a guy that he thought (wrongly) was the original Sawyer.

Hurley - Stood on a roof, it collapsed killing several people.

Jack - performed surgery with little chance of success, patient died.

Paulo & Nicki - killed Nicki’s rich boyfriend.

Locke - uncertain what he did to the undercover cop, definitely killed eyepatch guy.

Charlie- ???

Come on. Aaron and Vincent haven’t killed anybody…that we know of.

Charlie killed Ethan Rom.

I think Sun might be in the clear

Her affair with Jae Lee led to his suicide.

I suppose you forgot that Sun shot and killed Colleen? Ironically, even though Jin was the thug, he hasn’t killed anyone … so far as we know from the flashbacks.

Claire didn’t kill anyone, though she was driving the car when her mom was critically injured, and we still don’t know her mom’s fate. Does it count if it’s accidental?

Boone and Shannon didn’t hurt anyone, nor Walt … but they’re not around anymore and weren’t super-important characters, I’d say.

OP’s got a point, albeit one that’s been brought up before. A majority of the characters have a history of serious misdeeds against others. The ones who don’t aren’t very interesting and get written off the show pretty fast. :slight_smile:

You left out mr eko, michael, and ana lucia.

I did actually.

If Hurley counts, that counts. I don’t think Hurley counts, though.

Sayid shot his commanding officer.

Claire killed Alex Whitman!!
[sub]oh, wait…[/sub]

Wrong series

never mind.
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As far as I can recall, neither Bernard nor Rose has killed anyone.

They may not qualify as major characters, although if Nikki and Paolo are major for these purposes I suppose these two can be too.

Some of these are pretty tenuous though. A doctor performing high-risk surgery where the patient dies, I’d have a hard time saying he was “responsible” for the patient’s death. Same with Hurley and the balcony.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always got the impression that Jack killed the Marshall after Sawyer’s botched attempt in an effort to spare him the agony of dying slowly.

That, Sun’s and Charlie’s are all post crash… It would seem that the Others were more interested in pre-crash. (Jack’s Killing of the Marshall would also likely qualify as mercy)

Sun’s cheating on Jin, that lead to the death of x seems to qualify… but we have to be careful, because Juliet’s desire for her x-husbands death would also qualify in this case (and it didnt).

As for Hurley, would you really want him on your side of the island if Meteors seem to follow him?

My fanwank is that it’s not about responsible for or murder (although the “good” and “bad” thing might be - but that’s an Others thing, not an Island thing…maybe.) but that all these characters have witnessed death - and in traumatic ways. Perhaps the island is like the Thestrals in Harry Potter. Thestrals are only visible to those who have seen death. Maybe the island or Dharma or whatever organizing force is behind all this attracted only people who have seen death.

Yeah, it’s wanky. It doesn’t keep me up at night. But I’ve thought about it.

Roswell 4Ever!

Go on chrisk, let your freak flag with a glowy alien hand on it fly high!

Can’t really say one way or the other. Juliet murdered Pickett and was banished, John murdered the russian guy and got to go with them.

Has Hurley’s curse really followed him onto the island? I wouldn’t blame Michael shooting Libby on a curse.

Are you serious?

Mr. Eko killed drug-lords.

Ana-Lucia killed out of revenge.

Michael killed Ana-Lucia and Libby.

Three very obvious killers.


It’s like Fantasy Island as written by Agatha Christie.


Is it really murder if the “victim” tells you something is safe to go through so you push him through it to make sure? I think that’s just being careful and it’s the “victims” fault for being Fibby McPantsOnFire.

Yes I’m quite serious. And I was addressing the OP.