Lost kitty.....

This past weekend was totally the pits.

On Saturday, Cardsfan came home a little shaken. You see someone side swiped him and wrecked the car. He is fine, and the car doesn’t look to bad, at least it is drivable and fixable. Sometime between us looking at the car and putting things away on the patio, my beloved cat made an escape. Neither one of us saw her leave, but around 10pm Cardsfan noticed she was no where to be found inside the house.

Sabrina, looked like a medium hair Russian Blue, ever so petite in size and was adorable. I say was, because after looking for her all day Sunday I know I will never see her again. I put up signs, handed out flyers to all the “trick or treat” kids that came to the door. No one has seen her. How can one tiny little cat vanish so completely is beyond me. To say I am heartbroken is an understatement. I am totally crushed and feel like it was my fault she got out, into the cruel world.

So Sabrina, mommy is really sorry you got out. I hope where ever you are; you are safe, and warm and dry. It’s raining this morning and I know you probably don’t have very many places to stay out of the wet. I wish I could take it all back and keep you from harm but it’s too late now. It was a pleasure being your owner for the past 5 years. You truly made coming home at night fun. I will miss you “camping on” or “guarding” me while we watch TV. I will miss how you tipy-toed in front of us, to slow us down so we would pick you up and snuggle you. Samera will miss you a great deal as well, the dog looked so sad all day yesterday because she didn’t have you rubbing up against her or curling up to.

Cardsfan, I know you blame yourself for losing track of her, but honestly sweetie, it isn’t your fault. I am not blaming you, so please quit blaming yourself. She was bound and determined to get out and she did so to where neither of us saw her leave the house.

Sorry to hear that- did you try calling the local shelters and putting up signs? My thought is that some nice neighbor probably saw her wandering and is fostering her until they fiind the owner. Do no give up hope until you exhaust your search options- I"ve seen many pets disappear then reappear, and I hope this is the case for you.

We did put up signs all over the neighborhood. Cardsfan is going to contact the animal shelters today to see if anyone has turned her in. I am trying not to lose hope, but it is a long shot at this point. I swear if we get her back, I am putting a bell around that little neck of hers, a really big and loud bell.

Don’t give up hope too quickly. My Molly showed up after a week, fat and sassy. I think someone “adopted” her, and then she managed to get out and come home.

Thanks for the replies. It is giving me hope that we may find the little priss. I have contacted the animal shelters around our area already this morning. (Sent emails and left voice messages) I really hope someone saw her and took her in. She is a beautiful cat, with a rather silly personality. I just want her back, safe and sound. This is one of those times, you just wish for a second chance to make things right.

I’ve had this happen and it was several days before kitty made it back.

Definitely go out looking for her, keeping in mind it is likely she will be too scared to come to you even if you walk right by.

Keep looking for her and check especially under bushes in the area. You might leave some cat food out on the porch as well.

Good luck! I sure hope you are reunited soon!

Well, this is the very first time in 25 years, that I have “lost” a cat. :frowning: I am really good about keeping my housecats indoor for a reason. I think the problem was that both my husband and I were so distracted by the accident, having to call the insurance company, that we completely lost track of missy.

I have never had to cope with this experience before, so I have no idea if she will come back on her own, or will never return. :confused: I hope she comes back soon.

I really missed her when I got home tonight. We had nicknamed the cat Walmart…because she always met us at the door when we came home. Today…no greeting. It feels so empty without her.

I really appreciate the words of encouragment. I need hope right now that she will come home.

Good wishes Tiggrkitty. My neighbor found my missing brood queen up in his tree after a few days. Hope you get your kittums back.

All 3 of my cats have gotten out on occasion (very much not intended, kids + door + cats, especially one VERY fast one = bad), and all come home every time. Been gone for up to a week.

And 3 of those escapes/returns, including the longest of a week, were when we were living in downtown Chicago.

Hell, I had a husky/shepherd mix that was gone for two months in rural Indiana, where they tend to shoot big stray dogs (feral dog packs are bad news), and came back.

Don’t give up hope yet. :slight_smile:

Hamish’s cat Littlefur (definitely an indoor-only cat) has escaped twice, both times returning slightly frazzled but none the worse for wear (though in one case, pregnant) after absences averaging about a week.

Tell the neighbs to check their garages and basements. The adventureous Skippyroo always turned up in someone’s garage.

Call vets in the area – a good Sam may have taken her in for treatment after an injury.

Post on the Lost/Found section in craigslist.org

Look for her after dark, when it’s quiet and still outside.


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I’m so sad for you! I’m always afraid that the same will happen to the Neville kitties. This hits close to home because one of them is a Russian Blue mix (we think- she looks like one, anyway).

You may want to physically visit some of the local shelters at some point and see if you find Sabrina. If you’ve got some recent pictures, you might consider sending those to the shelters.

If and when you do get her back (the Neville kitties and I are hoping you do), you might want to get a collar with an ID tag. We got ID tags made at Petco for the Neville kitties (who are indoor cats), in case they ever get out. They are also microchipped (the shelter where we got them did that).

[QUOTE=Anne NevilleIf and when you do get her back (the Neville kitties and I are hoping you do), you might want to get a collar with an ID tag. We got ID tags made at Petco for the Neville kitties (who are indoor cats), in case they ever get out. They are also microchipped (the shelter where we got them did that).[/QUOTE]

Trust me…all of the kitties are going to be outfitted with cowbells from here on out. I just received a call from the Carrollton Animal Shelter. They haven’t received any kitties fitting her description, so she is still out there somewhere. I do know my next door neighbor seems to be out of town, so who knows…she may be in their garage. Sabrina is the only one that shows an “interest” in the great outdoors. Hopefully this little outing will change her mind some.

I may even go as far to have all of our cats “chipped”. At least that way if they do come up missing they will have a chip imbedded with information. I just want her back…I don’t really care about the expense.

Well, there is at least one cat that has been fed in the neighborhood. Last night I put out some food and fresh water and left it on the front porch. This morning the food dish was completely empty and the water bowl half full. I am so hoping that it is Sabrina that has a full tummy this morning.

I refilled the dishes and set them back out. If it wasn’t her then hopefully she will find them.

Last night we drove around to all the local vets and animal hospitals dropping off flyers and such. We also went door to door dropping off more flyers just incase. Our next door neighbors came back last night so we checked under their decking just incase she was hiding under there. Where ever she is, she has found a damn good hiding spot. We are coming up on 72 hours of her being AWOL.

I told Cardsfan last night that when we find her, she is grounded.

…I hate cats. Can’t stand them. Every time they come around me, they attack me. Scratch. Nasty vile creatures.

So what do my parents do six months ago? They get a cat. A horrible, evil kitten, should I say, with an evil, horrible name to match her evil exterior…Buffy. Like the vampire slayer-but worse. And did they consult there 30-year-old-son-who-should-be-living-on-his-own-in-the-real-world? Do ya think?

Well, the first couple of weeks with her in the house were crazy for me-every time this pint-sized little terror would come into the room, this 130 pound behemouth would stand on the chair so that she couldn’t scratch my feet, much to the hilarity of everybody in the room-man I hate cats! She ran everywhere, got in places I’d rather she didn’t get, tried to tear up wires, and really just peeved me off…scary little buggers…

Then one day I came home from work, and my mum was sitting on the couch all pale. I asked what was wrong, and she burst into tears and said… “buffy’s gone.”

My brother filled me in on the story. We had started to let her outside for a few hours at a time, give her space to run, get used to the outdoors, you know, that kind of thing. Well, this morning, she had gone out, but she hadn’t come back. The family had done the flyer thing already, knocked on all the doors in the street, but had no luck. Being the only one in the family with no emotional attachment to that blasted cat, a grabbed the torch, marched defiantely outside and said… “I’ll find her.” Alas, after a couple of hours combing the neighbourhood, there was no sign of her.

We went to sleep that night with the doors wide open, food and water at both entrances, hoping for the best. It was not my best sleep.

The next morning, still no sign of her. My mum plays her trump card-“She must be under the house. I’m going to shine the torch in that hole in the wall, and she’ll find her way home.” We all shook our heads-we had shone the torch there overnight, but the hole was too small for her to fit through. But we had to give her hope.

About ten minutes later, I heard exited screams from the kitchen. “She’s back!” And in walks a completely non-plussed little kitten, oblivious to the fuss that had being going on the last day, queen of her domain, mistress of the household-Queen Buffy had returned. Her ear looked like it had been plucked at, and she had a slight limp, but apart from that, she was fine and dandy.

But me and Buffy started to get along better that day. She never tried to bite or scratch me EVER from that point on. In fact, when I come in after work, she’s all over me-I’ll get down on the floor, and she will come over to me and kind-of “head-butt” me for five minutes-her delightful way of saying hello. And I’m the only member of the family who gets this treatment, much to the upset of the rest of the family.

I still hate cats-but if anyone ever did anything to my Queen Buffy, there would be hell to pay.

Your cat will come back-I feel it. Keep the faith my friend, Kia Kaha, Stand Strong.


Mark, thanks for the kind words. This part actually made me tear up because this is exactly what Sabrina does when she greets you. Our dog Samera is a 75 pound Golden Retriever and Sabrina would rear up on her hind legs to head butt the dog under the chin as well. She is a silly little cat, but I think that is what made her all the more charming. Anyone that entered our house claiming they hated cats, would be caught petting her after a few minutes.

I am keeping the faith. The empty food dish gives me hope that she is nearby, just not ready to come back inside.

Thanks for sharing your story.




I think everything that could be said has been said but that’s not going to stop me from sending you happy, positive thoughts and wishing all the best.

Keep your spirits up. :slight_smile:

Tiggrkitty, I’m so sorry. :frowning:

Really don’t give up, though! I went through the same thing with my Daisi.
And each time she was gone for a week in a neighborhood that loves pit bulls.

The best thing for finding Daisi though was shaking a can of treats.
I heard her meowing under some bushes where she had hid and was too scared to come out.
Same thing with Jesper but he was only out minutes.
I lived on the third floor in an apartment complex, so I circled each floor searching for him. I got down to the first floor, just about to give up hope at that point, when I heard a pitiful mew coming from the second floor balcony. I looked up and saw a tiny mitten paw sticking out, like he was trying to reach me. :stuck_out_tongue:
I ran up stairs and found him hidden under a bar stool on the walkway that had a towel thrown over it. When I picked him up to take him back upstairs, he became Velcro kitty, he was so scared. :wink:

Keep your chin up and an ear out and you’ll probably find her in no time. :slight_smile:

See this is why I love this board!

I FORGOT ABOUT THE KITTY TREATS! She loves those things. OMG… you could try and be so very quiet opening that little plastic can and I swear she would come out of no where from a dead sleep to get a treat. I am stopping on the way home tonight and picking up a fresh can.

And Daniel thanks for the hugs. Right now I need as many hugs as I can get.

You guys/gals are the greatest.

Damn now I want to go home from work early to try the Pounce can.

Tig, don’t give up. Both of mine have been missing on several occassions, they’re not the brighest of the bunch. Once it was through the flyers (Wisp was found sitting behind someones TV…) and twice was by walking around the streets and calling her name (they can be as close as directly opposite your house in a neighbours front garden).
Best wishes