Lost little dog turns into Facebook idiocy

According to the friend, on Facebook, of the family in question, the family dropped off their beloved 12 year old cute little white dog to a dog sitter, who has served as such for said family, for 11 years, with no incident, before the family going on vacation.

According to the Facebook account, the actual individual that intercepted said canine was not the actual dog sitter, but the dog sitters family member because the dog sitter was not available at the time of the drop off.

According to this friend of the family, the same day(ish) dog sitter arrives at the location of the dogs temporary domicile to discover the dog is not there. And, according to the account, the doggies disappearance is not reported until the family returns from their vacation, 5 days later.

The dog has not been recovered, and if you take the story at face value, you can understand the family’s anger, disappointment, and desire to recover their pet.


**1. Reveal the name of the dog sitter. **
I’m SUUURE that information won’t be misused in ANY way. I can see a nationwide social media campaign to ruin this dog sitters life, not to mention the verbal, vandalism or even physical threats made against this person.

Remember, you are only getting ONE side of the story. Most likely, the mutt escaped, and the dog sitter feels horrible about it already. Why pile on?

2. Why haven’t the police done more?

According to the Facebook poster, police have already questioned the dog-sitter and their relative in question. The details of the questioning and the investigation have not been made public. So far, it seems like an honest mistake. Trust me, the cops have better things to do than spend all their time and taxpayer resources to track down Fluffy, a dog you abandoned to another person for your little vacation.

3. Arrest the mystery person who took custody of the dog for kidnapping.

Good Facebook response! Because other is such a HUGE market for 12 year old dogs. And surely, the sentence for stealing a dog should far outweigh that for kidnapping a fellow human being.

Why hasn’t the local, why even the national media, done more to publicize this crime so we can get the dog back?

Because dogs NEVER get lost. Israel is burning, we have the very first ever non-politician or military person being elected for President, and there are terror attacks being planned around the world.

But lets stop the presses: some retarded dog on its last paws escaped!

Oh, and did I mention despite the fuss all over Facebook, and posters being taped up all over our city, according to same friend, the family never had their so-called beloved dog microchipped? :smack::smack::smack:
Look, I have a heart. I hope this family is reunited with their stupid dog. And despite what the second hand account says on Facebook, surely the dog sitter is as broken up about the situation as the family is, and tried all they could to get the dog back WHILE their were on vacation without letting them know so as to not ruin their trip.

I blame none of these people. I blame the Facebook idiots who clearly want to expose the identity of the dog sitter on national media and have them arrested, tarred and feathered for the simple crime of what looks like letting a dog escape.

On Facebook and want to help? Post a photo of he lost pup. And keep your opinions and judgements the fuck to yourself until you are better informed!:mad:

Using “idiocy” and “Facebook” in the same sentence is redundant.

Ooh! Ooh! I know this one!

Because said publicity almost certainly will NOT be of help in recovering the dog.

Just give the damn dog back, already.