Lost my meds - what do I do?

This afternoon I went to Walgreens to pick up refills for my prescription meds - a few each for blood pressure, asthma, and depression. After picking them up I went across the street to McDonald’s to get something to eat. After eating, I started walking to a grocery store to do some shopping, and after about 19 minutes realized I’d left the bag from Walgreens at McDonald’s. When I got back there, the bag was gone and the woman at the counter said no one had turned anything in. I checked the trashcans and it wasn’t in there either.

I don’t know what kind of psycho would steal a random bag of medication, but here I am - out $60 and without enough medication to get me to my next refill. How do I go about getting them replaced? Do I call my doctor? My insurance company? Is it even possible? None of them are controlled substances.

Call your doctor he will re-prescribe them. Good luck getting the insurance to pay.

Call the doc for a refill, explain what happened. Assuming nothing narcotic (or even close to it) and it probably won’t be an issue. As for insurance, check GoodRx, and the prices will probably be similar (or better).
You may need to file a police report as well.
If the police actually followed up on it, which I doubt, I’d put my money on one of the workers taking it.

You’re hardly the first person to lost their meds and need them refilled. You might even just go back to Walgreens and ask them what to do. I’m sure they hear it all the time and know how to take care of it.

Someone may have taken it back to the drugstore. I would call them.

I second calling the drugstore, and if they don’t have them either, they will probably front you a few days’ supply until the insurance gets ironed out (they may not pay; it depends). If it’s not a controlled substance, they can do that.

If you use a 24-hour Walgreens, go right ahead and call them right now.

Good idea, especially since it is right across the street.

Some lowlifes will take anything. But leaving a bag of meds where a kid could have found it and eaten it isn’t too wise either. Just saying.

As advised, call the pharmacy to see if someone turned it in, then call your doctor. It’s the best you can do. These sound like essential meds so if you have to pay for them bite the bullet. You’re physical/mental health are too important.

Because it involves prescription meds this is indeed advisable. But keep in mind they will write it up as lost property, not stolen. There’s a decent chance one of the workers was cleaning the area and just tossed the bag in the trash bag on their cart without even looking as to what it was.

How much supply do you currently have? If a few days you might also recheck in a few days with the drug store, McDonalds, police and also the grocery store (you might be mistaken) before spending money as they might get turned in later or the finder might contact you at home if they have your name on them.

I’ve handled this situation many times.

If your meds do not turn up, speak with someone at your doctor’s office. They will (should) call your insurance company and request an override so they can re-prescribe and the meds will be covered.

If the insurance company denies it, the caller was not persistent enough.

It is extremely unlikely the pharmacy will take care of you without your doctor *and *your insurance company intervening first.

Good luck.

Smapti, please let us know what happened.

If you paid for the meds with your credit card, they may reimburse you for the loss.

I hope you’re not taking any controlled substances. I had some Adderall stolen from my home by a painter’s assistant (impossible to prove, but is the only reasonable explanation how I ended up so short). When I ran out a week later, the pharmacy said I couldn’t get it refilled for another week. Luckily I went in a few days early and could ration out what I left had to avoid the worst, but I ended up losing some time at work due to skipping the mid-day dose and didn’t take any that weekend, which for me meant lying in bed all day having no desire to do anything else. At least it was only my mental health, and I suppose all controlled substances are only going to be prescribed for mental health.

People will steal any meds you leave out. My friend had some stolen by a delivery guy. They were sitting on her table by the door when she turned to get money out of her bag he grabbed her pain meds. She didn’t notice til he drove off. She called the pizza place and got no where. She called the cops, they told her he didn’t have them on his person. Nothing was done.

Doctors are usually pretty reasonable about stuff like this if a) you don’t make a habit of it and b) it’s not hydrocodone or some other readily street saleable substance.
Even with b) they usually cut slack unless you’ve been pushy about upping the dose.
Small bottles do get lost, and that nice fresh 3 mg prednisone prescription does sometimes flip out of your hand and into the toilet.