Lost Topic: Andrew Yang's UBI Proposal

circa 2019, now-banned OP HurricaneDitka, #great-debates. Featured many posts by @Heffalump_and_Roo, @Ryan_Liam, and myself.

The old (now dead) link was https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=872849, as referenced here: How many Americans live in a family that receives at least $1,000/adult in monthly govt. benefits?


Is this it?

ETA: I notice that the included link (Andrew Yang’s UBI proposal) does not function. Like, not even to an Oops. That page doesn’t exist. message. Might be actually lost, but maybe the mods can plow it up from the cornfield.

The switch to Discourse broke a vast number of links in that way.

No, that’s not the one. I can’t get HurricaneDitka’s name to populate on the search bar. Perhaps that’s the problem?

A list of all of HurricaneDitka’s OPs:

I don’t see the thread you’re looking for listed there.

Thanks. That’s further than I got. I don’t see it either. I also see the link in my OP in the thread above but the link doesn’t do anything.

The switch to Discourse broke a lot of links, but I haven’t seen any broken that way before (where that way is that there is simply no target specified in the link tag.)

I’ve seen a couple like that.