LOST: Via Domus - Hmm, a lost video game, could it be any good?

Probably not. I’ve never seen a good game come out of a TV series, or most movies for that matter. I do love the show, and the premise is… interesting. You play as one of the unkown survivors from the plance crash but with no memory of your past. You have to piece back together the events leading up to your ill-fated flight while (apparently) helping the losties get through the events of seasons 1 and 2 of the show.

So is this just another hand on our purse strings, or could this game deliver? It’s supposed to be out now, anyone have a copy?

Ps: It’s been a while, but shouldn’t it be LOST: Via Domu (the way home)?

There have been some good Star Trek games, I guess. Or at least ones that aren’t “as” bad as other TV show games.

But yeah, this game is gonna suck.

In case it affects anyone’s decision to look at this, Lindelof and Cuse (the producers of Lost) have specifically said that the game is not considered canon. So, don’t buy the game thinking it will reveal any mysteries of the plot from the show itself.

This is true, but, the game was created in part by one of the writers of the show, and with information from L&C on the mechanics of the Lost universe to at least make it not contradictory.

There’s a fan blog for the game hhere.

The buzz is good and it seems pretty interesting to me. You get to visit a lost of the Lost locations, and there’s also a playable flashback element.

Unfortunately it’s not coming out on mac :mad: I’ll have to steal my brother’s game system I guess…