LOTR Online "Manual"?

I just recently began playing, and I find I am having to “feel” my way through the procedures by trial and error.

I have attempted to engage LOTROL players to ask questions, but this doesn’t seem to be working, so I was wondering if there is some kind of LOTR For Idiots that I can buy?



Not that I know of. You can always go to forums.lotro.com and select the class forum of your choice or lorebook.lotro.com for comprehensive game info.

Failing that, feel free to post your questions here. I, among others, have been playing the game for some time and know it fairly well.

What server are you on? I’m on Gladden as either Sidhethryce or Vrielreth.

Here’s the manual.

It’s going to be out of date since several books have been added since then. If you have any specific questions, I’ll be happy to help.

This is about the Game, not the books or movies, correct? Consequently, I’m moving it from Cafe Society to Game Room forum.


Yes, it is, and apparently I have been under a rock because I didn’t realize we have a gamer’s forum now. Thank You!!!

Also I am in Brandywine and I am solo, and still fighting with a rusty short sword at Level 5.

I have three quests yet to complete and one of those is in Bree Land, but I cannot seem to get there. I am left-clicking and right-clicking for all I am worth, but it isn’t taking me there.

It’s a fun game and it’s really helping with the memory, but I sure could use something that takes one by the hand and says “Okay, stupid. When **this **happens do this!”:slight_smile:

Also I am wondering if (since I am solo) if it would benefit me to buy gold from one of those levelling services? Seems like cheating to me, in a way.

My name is Esilem, and thanks for wanting to help me!



I posted on a private board of my gamer friends, asking for any pointers they may have. As I mentioned in your other thread, one poster there is a Turbine employee, and either he or the other LOTRO players may have some other ideas too, in case you need more resources.

Buying gold is against the TOS and will get you banned if you’re caught. Also, it screws up the economy and encourages the fucking gold sellers to spam the general chat.

If you’re level five, you’re probably not out of the private instance yet. Do you have an Epic: Prologue quest to complete? The game should lead you out of the private instance into the general area when it’s time.


Thanks for telling me that, DA! I might have stumbled into something which could rob me of one of the things I really have enjoyed of late.

My last quest is to defend Archet, but there are two more before I can do that one, and it has been recommended I complete them since the Defense of Archet is the final 'Introductory" quest in the series, and if I go straight to that one, I cannot return to the others.

Also, I was wondering: when you “load up” on the various types of sword “strikes” such as “Blade Wall” etc., does one need only to reload that square once, or does one gain more “strike strenth” if one keeps adding to a particular square?

And is it okay if I “help” someone, being that I am in “private instance”? I did that last night, and I don’t think that person was very happy to have me interfere, even though he got the kill. How do you know?

Thanks so much for your help, DA!


Human lands. Yeah, you’ll have to do the Defense of Archet quest first before you can get into Bree-town. I wouldn’t be too worried that you might miss a quest or two. You’re probably going to miss tons of them as you find new things to attract your interest.

I’ve only played a Hunter and a Burglar, so I’m not familiar with this.

It’s really more of a quasi-private instance, which is why you’re seeing other players. As for helping, I do sometimes. Most people really appreciate it if they’re overwhelmed. Not sure if it messes up their XPs, but XPs from mobs aren’t so great that the occasional assistance should really bother people.

Some people are jerks, though.

As long as you don’t kill-steal (snag a kill when it’s obvious someone else was about to snag it, especially a named boss) or ninja-loot (grab a resource or chest while someone’s standing near it and fighting), don’t worry about the occasional rude person.

Also, the mob’s morale and power will turn to grey when someone else has tagged it. When it’s yours, the morale is red and the power is green.

As I told you last night I am in Archet trying to finish up some quests, but all of a sudden last night, my Champ started moving very erratically and jerkily, and the cursor isn’t behaving as it should either.

I have opened a “ticket” for help, and I am not running anything in the background except IE6, so there’s nothing open.

Also, when I’m anywhere else (like here) I don’t have a problem, everything moves just fine.

Any ideas?



It could be a problem with the connection to the game server. It could also be that you need to adjust some of the graphics settings, they may be taxing your system. There are a ton of settings in the menu that you can play with to see if it helps.

Thanks, I should have added that I played with the connection speed and moved it from VERY HIGH to LOW with no results. I do know they were doig patches today, but all servers should have been up and running at 3:30 this afternoon.

Maybe I could try another world and see what happens?

Also asked in chat, but no one’s responding…



Just posted on the Brandywine Server Discussion section of the forum, so let’s see what develops.



I do not understand what you are asking here…

Are you asking if you can place this attack on your “hot bar” multiple times, in multiple slots?

The game will let you, but you will not gain anything by doing so. All of those “Blade Wall” attack buttons will be pointing at the same skill in your characters skill book, and they will all share the same cooldown timer…

This will vary from player to player.

I DO NOT WANT strangers helping (unless all it is is casting a “heal” or something), unless it’s clear that I am trying to run away. Heh.

When you do damage to a mob that another player has “tapped”, the game reduces the experience point reward for defeating that monster, based on a comparison of everyones levels and stuff.

I find it annoying to earn 7xp because some yutz 20 levels higher than me and my mob couldn’t restrain themselves from showing off and one-shotting my target. (Did they really expect adulation to erupt from my fingers? Pah!)

My first guess is that your “client” is exchanging info with the game server at a slow rate. Could be high traffic on that server, could be your own internet provider having issues (not usually, though, unless you live way out in remote areas), could be you. (Your not on dial-up, are you?) Try a different server, and see if you get this stuttering there.

You could also have a graphics card issue. Not dx-10 compatible (and you have dx-10 enabled), not fully supported drivers, etc.

LOTRO is much more “demanding” than WoW. Check the tech support forums… maybe you can see something regarding driver issues there (for example, NVIDIA drivers are twitchy, and I had to “roll back” to an older driver because a new driver was not working in game properly).

If you were in Bree, and Bree was crowded, it’s not unusual to see “lag” issues there. Heh. Depends on server and time of day.

Thanks for the “Etiquette” lesson! It’s good information, and I will know to stay out of any fights, even though I was being double-teamed last night (before my problems began) and could have used some help myself! :wink:

I’m on DSL. I have been doing LOTRO for a week now, haven’t made any hardware changes and it was working fine until last night.

Yes, that was what I was asking with the weapon strike squares. I didn’t know if you could stack the strikes, so thanks for that answer!

I will take your advice and visit another server.



Are you using a wireless keyboard or mouse? If the sensor thing got moved, maybe that’s the cause? Has it continued to happen even today? I get severe slowdowns if I’m playing when my virus scanner runs, but nothing erratic.

You will occasionally get “rubberbanding.” It’s a fact of life for all MMOs. That’s where you character seems to freeze and then snap back a few steps. It’s lag related. Shouldn’t happen often, though.

I did a search on “cursor movement” (no quotes) on the LOTRO forums, but I’m not sure if any of these search results explain your problem.

Honestly, I can’t imagine most people would do more than grumble if you helped with a single kill. If you followed them around, constantly “assisting” their attacks, even though it was obvious they could handle them, then it just looks like you’re trying to screw with their XPs.

I’ve never seen anyone complain about free buffs, though.

I’d rather people were overly helpful than be around the ones who stand there and watch you die rather than help you with the mob that’s quite obviously killing you. And yes, I have seen that. Or wait on you to die going against an elite quest boss so they can take their turn with it rather than helping you out first.

Ok. Like I said, it will vary with the individual player. I am a bit of a solo-loner type. If you needed help from me, I would either have to realise that you were in trouble, and wanted my help. (Fighting multiple opponents is not unusual. I do that a lot.)

If you want to make it clear, you can actually ask for help in game. (Check out “emotes”.) You can put them on your hot bar if you find yourself using one of them a lot.

Well, the “newbie” instance (Archet burning, for the hobbit and human characters) won’t have many players in there with you. Out in the regular part of the server, there’s going to be more players out and about. That might be the difference, in terms of server load.

Check out a different server, and see if you get better performance in a lower population server. (The downside being that it will be harder to find groups doing the same group quests you need to do, and the economy in the auction house won’t be as robust.)

All righty. your playing a “Champion”, right?

Read here: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Class:Champion

and here: http://forums.lotro.com/forumdisplay.php?f=7

Your attacks will either generate “rage” (like “swift strike”), and others cost “rage” to execute (like “savage strikes”). You will see a “rage meter” off to the left, which looks like a dial with little squares around on the outer rim. These squares light up as you build rage. Attacks that you don’t have enough rage to execute will be greyed out.

I have a Dwarf Chump up to level 39. I have grouped my attacks on the hot bars based on how much rage they “cost”. This keeps me from wasting time trying to click on attacks that I don’t have the rage for.

Dying is a fact of life on a MMO, too. I used to help out more often, but I got “chewed out” one too many times by someone who was grinding for xp.

Like I said, everyone is different, and everyone has their sense of what’s fair & fun, and what ain’t. I do not enjoy having someone rush over and one shot my targets. I (unfairly?) assume that they were just showing off. :smiley: