LOTR: The Musical.

The news is out…
So…should we go see it?


I wonder who gets the job of trying to sing Gollum’s lines?

One does not simply dance into Mordor! :rolleyes:

I’ll bet Dopers could do a better job. We’ve got some poets(cue the limerick thread), and I’ve seen several song parody threads, so there’s talent there too.

For Sauron
And Saruman !

For Gandalf
And Frieeeends …

Gollum: Once you have found it, never let it go…

*There’s a bright golden ring in my pocket!
There’s a bright golden ring in my pocket.
Mt Doom is as high as an oliphaunts eye
And it looks like I’ll go there or dying I’ll try.

Oh what a strange life I’m leading,
Dwarves, elves and men and young Sam.
With Gollum to follow, he’s pleading
“Give me back my precious!” you ham!*

One ring to rule them all, Eh?

Distressin’ that a spokesperson for this endeavor thinks it’s set in “Middle Kingdom.”

Hmmm. So, Pippin and Merry sing “I talk to the Trees”…

I’m upset enough with how much had to be cut from the movies (though I recognize the need). But that still gave us nine hours. I can’t imagine a musical being more than two, and they’re going to have to cut even more to make room for songs. I don’t see any way they could get even remotely close to fitting in even the bare essentials. And how the Angband did they get the rights for this, anyway?