LoTR: Two Towers - unacceptable moments

Okay, I know there’s alot of love for these movies around the SDMB, but I have to point out some laziness I noticed the third time I watched it:

  1. In the battle scene (I can’t recall the location) with the Uruk’Hai battling the elves and men at night at the wall, someone eats it and let’s out a STOCK SOUND EFFECT scream. UNACCEPTABLE! This was one of two stock sounds used in the film that really stood out to me and made me wince. I forget right now where the other one was…

  2. In the same scene, inside the walls the villagers are hiding and a group of children sits with some elderly adults. One of them is that adorable child from the FotR (the scene where Bilbo is telling the story about the trolls to the jumpy kids) with a wig on, I swear! THEY RE-USED AN EXTRA! UNACCEPTABLE!

It’s little things like these that depreciate movies for me. Any movie with a foundation like LotR MUST produce it’s own resources. Anything less is lazy!

Very funny. :slight_smile:

That reused extra is Peter Jackson’s son.

I agree. I remember hearing that and thinking, “Holy shit, they still USE that??” I remember that sound effect from Return of the Jedi.

That sound effect is the Wilhelm Scream and is an inside joke amongst sound effects people.

Huge Tolkien fan here. There’s another moment/aspect that I find totally unacceptable:

During the Helm’s Deep battle, we see units of pole-arm or pike armed infantry successfully attacking fortified walls. Pikes are useless, too big and clumsy, while attaching a siege. You want you soldiers to have large shields, for the arrows, and short or medium sords they can carry sheathed whild climbing ladders and draw at the top.

The one situation where pole arms excell are in having infantry fight infantry, or especially cavalry. And what do we see? The cavalry charge at the end totally wiping out the infantry units… Granted the cavalry totally flanked the evil army, and you can’t turn those pikes around right quick, but at some point some of these evil soldiers NCOs would have gotten their at together…

It just burns me to no end that such a carefully researched and detailed film made such an obvious blunder…

This is the kind of informative post I desire. I never knew this, and now I understand. It doesn’t excuse the use of it in a dramatic movie though. But what are my words, other than one consumer’s opinion…

Using Peter Jackson’s child twice in the movie for two different extras is an insult to the viewer’s desire to see an AIRTIGHT story. But once again, it’s just me.

Heh, then I better not tell you about a certain short, pudgy bearded extra who shows up in FOTR, and twice in TTT. :slight_smile:

All movies constantly re-use extras, by the way.

Maybe you missed this part but when Gandalf and Eomer charge at the orcs (who where holding pikes which should’ve decimated the cavalry) Gandalf does something that blinds the orcs and they drop their pikes and turn to flee. It might just had been the dawn that blinded the orcs, but the point the remains that they charged into panicked fleeing orcs, not an organized army holding their pikes ready.

It isn’t just the dawn. Gandalf shines, just as he did when Aragorn & co. came upon him in the forest.

Actually, I think Peter Jackson’s son and daughter are used as extras in the movie. They’re both hobbit children listening to Bilbo tell his story in FOTR and they’re both in the cave in TTT.

Tongue firmly in cheek, attempting to match the tone of the OP here…


And they used yet ANOTHER extra twice! The drunk guy who towers over the Hobbits in the street as they first arrived in Bree (you hear him belch), and a nameless warrior on the wall at Helm’s Deep! SAME GUY! I mean, do they really expect us to believe that this same person, who gets all of about four seconds of screen time combined in the two films, is in both places? COME ON!


'Course, the extra is actually Peter Jackson himself… but still! :wink:

I mean, what, are we supposed to believe this is some sort of MAGIC xylophone? I sure hope someone lost their job over that…

Those Dunlanders didn’t look very Dunlendish, either.

Frodo showed the ring to a Ringwraith.

Not unacceptable, unforgivabale.

Boo, you fuck! Boo!

  1. Frodo had the ring out to put it on, not to show it to the ringwraith.

  2. Ringwraiths can’t see.

Thank you, arisu.

I’ll venture in here. There’s one bit of dialog that always stuck out as odd to me. There’s a scene where Merry and Pippen are being threatened during their capture. The orcs are complaining that they have nothing to eat but nasty stuff. One of the orcs turns to the Shire-folk and states they would be pretty tasty. The Uruk’Hai leader kindly explains that this would be unacceptable and somehow one of the orcs gets killed in the ensuing fight. Here’s what gets me:

The Uruk’Hai shouts “Looks like meat is back on the menu, boy!”

First off…is this in the book? I can’t imagine it is. What menu have the Uruk’Hai’s ever ordered from? I mean…menus??? When did that historically even come about? And the term “boys” too just doesn’t fit either. It’s used as a term of camaraderie which seems SO out of place. What did Jackson do? Ask those actors to improvise their lines?

Does this bother anybody else? I can hardly watch this scene without wincing.

Of course I meant to say "boys

Yeah! And that time that Elrond spoke Elvish in the future-perfect case rather than the more correct present-sorta-valar case. I am sooo pissed. What were they thinking?!? Bastards!!!


To be fair, a few changes in film 2 bothered me a bit. But parsing “meat on the menu” seems excessive. But maybe that’s just me.