Lotsa Kindle Fire questions

Amazon says that they will sell six million in the fourth quarter of 2011. I would think that there are enough Dopes in my position (or close to it… new to tablets, eReaders and Android) to make a thread like this worthwhile.

Here’s my first question… the email reader doesn’t seem to have an option to build up a contact list based on replies… or does it?

In looking at the contacts menu I see a way to import contacts. I attached my Kinlde to my laptop to pursue that. I got a screen on the Kindle that said I had succesfully connected and what to do when I was done. However, I couldn’t get past that screen to perform any kind of import procedure.

Still getting used to mine - after you have it hooked up to the USB, look for a removable drive - from there you can move stuff to/from the kindle.

Moving music files to the “music” folder, etc.

One thing I’ve noticed that I’m not happy with, I copied several .mobi files (books) to the books folder, they show up as ‘documents’ in the kindle - they read as books tho, so thats something I guess.

Still messing with the email and would prefer a better calander app - I have a good one that I like for my phone, but apparently its not one that kindle lets you get - or maybe it came with a widget -

Found the solution to my books/docs issue - seems that some might need to be converted - they have the wrong metadata -


I can’t seem to make any kind of cut/copy/paste procedure work.

I have come up with the apparent ability to select a word or “select all” but then I can’t seem to do anything with my selection.

Problem solved …

Step One - Select
Step Two - Cut or Copy
Step Three - Paste

For some reason I thought that Step One would be adequate before moving on to Step Three.

you’re doing better than me - where is ‘cut’ or ‘copy’ - I tried this for even simple things like copying a url for an email - outside of books - can’t seem to get any menus around it…

ok - got part figured out - still can’t seem to copy from within a book - perhaps that is turned off by default.

We got my mother a KF for Christmas and it’s fallen on me to be the help desk. All in all a pretty nice little mini tablet but I am glad to see this thread.

First pet peeve with a work around: You can’t download any of the free apps from the Amazon site without entering a credit card number under “one click mobile” purchasing. They claim the apps are only licensed within the USA and they only need the credit card number to verify your shipping address but we all know they just want to remove any possible barrier to buying things off their site through the Kindle Fire. My problem with this is what if you leave the Fire at a restaurant or what ever and someone uses it to change your shipping address and helps themselves to some Amazon crap?

The work around: I have read (but have yet to personally verify) that near any pre paid debit card will function in the “one click mobile” system so buy yourself one loaded with about $50 and get yourself some Amazon gift cards. Use the debit card number to enable the account and because Amazon will deduct from your gift card balance before they ding your debit card, load enough gift cards into your account to cover your purchases and if your Fire ever falls into the wrong hands they can at worst take you for your $50 debit total.

Now a question, has anyone been able to view (non premium) Hulu streams through the Fire? I’ve tried and it just tells me it wont work. I do see a Hulu Plus app for the Fire so I know it can work but there’s some sort of garden fencing issues involved. I understand that the Fire can run a wide range of android apps not directly offered by Amazon but I don’t know how much “rooting” or “sideloading” I’m willing to do just yet.

I havent tried sideloading yet -

For the one click - you can separate the one click for android apps from the regular ‘one click’ for shopping - it should be that way by default.

also, I would (and probably will myself, so far it hasn’t left home and I mostly trust the folks that live here) set a password on the kindle as well, so that should you lose it, it has one more layer of protection until you can get to a computer and unregister it.

For hulu - I downloaded the hulu plus app, and you’re right - does not look to be an option yet for regular hulu yet.

My bigggest gripe so far - GIVE ME MY SWYPE ALREADY!

What format? I couldn’t get an epub to work at all. I finally figured out how to convert it to mobi using Calibre and get it into my Kindle. I had to use the email feature … I had earlier moved it over by cable but maybe I wasn’t putting it in the right folder.

I think you are supposed to be able to select words and check them against a dictionary or Wikipedia… but I haven’t figured that out either.

I tried sideloading HBO Go but it won’t work with the device. I also miss Swype but other than that, I like my Fire for the price. The only thing I really don’t like is the weight - my regular Kindle is so nice for reading in bed with one hand - but I guess that’s the price of color and internets :).

Ohhhh… edited to add that it makes Angry Birds even …angrier! :slight_smile:

a) when converting with Calibre - make sure you change the metadata to ‘[ebok]’ - its under "mobi output’, then when copying to the kindle over USB, put it in the “Books” folder.

b) if you highlite a single word or phrase, the context menu will show up and you’ll have a “more” option - under that is option to search google, etc - although most of the time it doesnt actually do much. Searching for single words seems to more often than not.

I’ll try that simster … having connection problems at the moment. Have a house full and all the laptops are connected… neither of the two Fires will though.

New issue… “Free with Amazon Prime”

A few days ago I sucesfully bought a book for free.

Last night I found two more…but somehow I screwed up and they weren’t free after all. Fortunately I did figure out how to return them.

I’m going to try again today and see if I can figure out what I was doing wrong. Is there a limit on free books?


I haven’t had a problem with that. I know you only get one lendling library book for free per month but there’s lots of free anyways books for all members, so maybe you’ve tried to loan one instead of buy?

I am very disappointed with the lending library. When I first looked, there was a link where you could go through the available lending books but now that seems to have disappeared and you have to browse the entire selection to find them. It might be there still but it seems impossible to find. Aside from that, I don’t find the instant streaming to be any better than Netflix although I do like they have more recent series (i.e Breaking Bad season 4) but the price is high enough that I may just wait for Netflix to have it or DVR the repeats on AMC.

‘Free with Amazon Prime’ means that book is available in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. You get to borrow one book a month from there with a Prime membership, it doesn’t mean that you can buy the book for free. It should really be called ‘Borrow for Free with Amazon Prime’.


Here is a link to the Lending Library available titles on the Amazon website. You can’t rent them from that link though, you have to go through the book store on the Kindle.

We got one of these for Christmas. I was playing around with it, and signed in to Facebook. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to sign out. Fiddled around some more, and somehow managed to open a new tab, so The Druidess can sign in to her own account, but still no way to sign out. Will this device just stay logged in to both our accounts forever? Surely there is some way to sign out…

Are you using the mobile site, or regular? You can definitely sign out from the regular site.

Is the “free” streaming video really free?

How about the free apps?

It appears to me that they both are but that book thing sure got me confused.