Lou Dobbs for President

I was being humorous, or so I thought. Kind of a throw-me-in-that-briar patch sort of thing. I figured that was the spirit of the OP, anyway.

This is the first thing I thought when I heard the news also.

Okay. Hard to tell sometimes here.

Exactly. It is like a restaurant critic opening up his own steakhouse or a music reviewer starting a rock band.

You know, I hope he does run for President with Palin as his VP. I’d vote for them too.

Only because the world is ending about a month after the election, of course.

I thoroughly agree that we need a viable third party. Our main parties are too all-encompassing, and elected officials end up representing people that they may well disagree with strongly on a number of key issues. I disagree with Obama on a number of things, but voted for him because my disagreements with the other party have become so great over the years, it’s no longer the party I recognize.

That said: as a native Texan from the Dallas metro area I can tell you with no hesitation that Ross Perot has never been interested in representing ‘the average American’ or the middle class. This is not to take anything away from what he’s done. He was a brilliant businessman and has helped this area a great deal. But when push comes to shove, he’s far more interested in corporate welfare than protecting middle class jobs. He’s racist and has been called on it publicly for his statements in the past. While his economic theory is very sound, his social reform ideas and those like his have taken Texas to very last in quality healthcare in the United States, an unemployment rate of over 10% and one of the greatest disparities in the country between rich and poor with a rapidly diminishing middle class. Ross Perot is no friend of the ‘average American,’ unless by you’re using the euphemism to represent ‘very wealthy (white) businessmen.’

After considering some of our past Presidents - Yes! In fact, screw Dobbs. Howard Stern in 2012!


As for him being on FOX, I’m not so sure. He’s more of a left leaning populist. Might be a better fit on MSNBC, but who knows.

I liked him for the fact that he brought the issue of illegal immigration front and center. To me, that’s one of the most important issues facing the country. Beyond that I didn’t have much time for him. He spent far too long on the discredited “birther” issue and tended to descend into easy populism.

Not credible as a third-party candidate.

I think on a 0-10 scale of criticality, illegal immigration rates about 0.1. Even if it is more important than I give credit, there’s a difference between raising a legitimate concern and having it be your life’s obsession.

I loved Conan’s take: “It’s just been reported that outspoken anti-immigration anchor Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN. He’ll be replaced by a guy named Juan who’ll do the job for $5 an hour.”

I disagee entirely. Illegal immigration is a massive issue and he did bring it more into the mainstream debate. That joke in and of itself proves my point.

Lou Dobbs is an idiot who appeals to the worst instincts of both the right and left. His protectionism puts him in bed with left-wing trade unionists, while his ‘birther’ beliefs appeal to the worst elements of the right. His anti-immigration crusade appeals to isolationists, racists, and xenophobes in both parties.

He has no coherent political philosophy other than xenophobia sprinkled with paranoia. He should have stayed on CNN, guaranteeing that he’d have the smallest audience possible.

Well put, Sam Stone.

Pfft, he takes an 18 month gig as Govenor of Alaska and he is golden.

Sounds like just the man to bring the nation together.

Personally I’m entirely in favor of it. Ever since Bill O’Reilly’s political career failed to take off, we’ve had a definite shortage of crazy, racist talking heads in our political system.


Here’s a thought-why doesn’t someone who isn’t bullgoose looney start a third party for a change?

Reporter: Mr. Dobbs, who do you see as your major demographic should you choose to run for office?

Dobbs: Depends

I think it was about a year ago, maybe longer. I was channel surfing and came across a radio show that I didn’t recognize. The guy started out normal, but eventually segued into all-illegal immigrants all the time. “Gosh,” I said, “given this rhetoric, I’m surprised this isn’t Lou Dobbs.”

Well, it was someone filling IN for Lou Dobbs.

I would hope a shtick that shtick-y would preclude someone from the presidency. I would hope.

Tom Tancredo says yes.