Lou Dobbs Resigning from CNN?

Have any other Dopers heard anything of this yet?

Yep, the old gasbag is leaving immediately, but I don’t think it’s the last we’ll hear of him.

Has he announced his contract at Fox News yet?

Lou Dobbs used to be one of our local news anchors (here in western Washington state) before going to CNN. (I think he was on KING-TV.)

Anyhoo…is he heading our way again?
(Nope, I hope!)

Wait, so are you suggesting he isn’t signing up at Univision?

Probably not Telemundo either.

So he’s been holding back all this time?

…And yes, he’s definitely going to Fox. Just imagine an hour of Dobbs leading into Hannity and Glenn Beck! It’ll be better than electroshock!

He’s probably tired of dwelling in the ratings basement that is CNN. People actually watch Fox!

I heard they found a Mexican that would do his CNN show for a quarter of the salary.

Dammit! Scooped!

He’s elected to be a stay at home commenter for a while so he can spend more time with his imaginary fans, then he’s going to go on a safari to find Obama’s birth certificate.

Off subject, but is it true that Dobbs was one of the founders of Space.com?

From the official Drop Dobbs site- the videoand their opinion.

Apparently “certain leaders” are trying to get him to take a more major platform and that the last six months show we’re moving on a new path and the voices in his Vitalis bottle say only he can help and blab blah. It’ll be interesting to hear Olbermann spin it.

(Nightmare time: what if as a result Nancy Grace gets a 3 hour show.)

Lou Dobbs is not as bad as Nancy Grace and the woman with the mullet. Not that he’s good, mind you, but until they get rid of the other two I still won’t watch CNN. I miss back when it used to be a new channel. Oh, and can we get rid of the animated corpse that is Larry King while we’re at it?

That’s just flat out slander: there is not one single thing about Larry King that’s animated. But to answer the question I think his contract runs through 2112. (He’s in the Guinness Book of World Records now for the most children fathered by a dead guy; he replaced previous holder Anthony Quinn.)

If they ran six months of reruns would anyone notice?

Tonight on Lou Dobbs: [current government policy] is pro-illegal immigration, anti-middle class, taking jobs from hard working Americans and making our roads less safe.


I guess now we’ll never get to learn how the Fort Hood murders are the fault of illegal immigrants from Mexico. (Craziest thing for those who don’t know: Mrs. Dobbs [a pistol packin’ mama- arrested in an airport for trying to take a .38 on the plane a few years back] is Mexican!)

Dobbs seems to be taking it very well- he’s actually singing about it with Dennis Quaid (the less crazy Quaid brother it seems).

Breaking news from The Onion!

Good gad, man, don’t give them any ideas!