Loud bars not so loud after smoking ban?

Inspired by this thread: does it seem to anyone else that bars don’t seem quite as loud since smoking was banned?

I’ve been going out a lot lately and just realized this.

In the past I always hated the stale smell of smoke and the ringing of my ears (especially the morning after smell of my hair and taste in my mouth).

I can’t say I recall a place being too loud in quite a while (not to say it isn’t still loud, but instead not too loud, as in making me want to leave.)

Am I just totally losing it?

You’re losing it, sparky.

Well…I guess they might be a smidge quieter, based on the fact that at any given time there will be a few people outside smoking rather than in the bar talking. But I haven’t noticed a big change. Most of the loudness comes from the music. Even if it’s not too loud (like just a jukebox,) people still have to talk over it, and then other people have to talk over those people, and so forth.

The loudest bars in Indianapolis are the non-smoking ones, oddly enough (Scotty’s downtown, Brother’s in Broad Ripple).

The three loudest bars I’ve ever been in are non-smoking.