Loud noise last night

I was sleeping last night when a loud noise woke me up. it was a weird noise to hear at 4 AM. Then it slowly sunk in, it was the vacuum cleaner. I got up and walked into the dining room where it was still plugged in. The cat was sitting about 4 feet away from it. Apparently Boris turned it on. It is just not the kind of noise you expect to hear at that time of the morning. Stupid cat.

Boris? OR SANTA?! Hmmm…

Yeah, I thought this was going to be a Santa story. :frowning:

It is just not a normal night time noise. The dogs did not even get up. It sucked.

Well, of course it did. Now, if the cat got sucked in

You know, when Krakatoa exploded, the noise was heard 2,000 miles away.

Smart cat.

Stupid owner for leaving it plugged in.


Be happy. I blew up (kinda) a vaccuum. An old cannister vaccuum. An old cannister vaccuum I had used to vaccuum black flies.
I forgot to unplug it.
In the middle of the night there was a large BANG, lots of smoke, and upon turning on the light - lots of bits of burnt rubber and fly bits all over the floor and wall.

Of course I no longer had a vaccuum to suck up said bits of rubber and black fly bits. It was nasty.

If I was a cat and someone named me Boris, I think I’d do a lot worse thing than turn on a vacuum cleaner


You must be one of those old people discussed in this thread. :slight_smile:

I had a kitten named Boris. But you have to say it like Natasha to get the full effect.

In a similar vein…

I was lounging on the couch watching tv in the dark the other night, when suddenly the light in the foyer by my front door popped on. I was alone in the house and nowhere near the light switch. I sat up, startled, ‘wha…??? what the…??? WTF???’ :eek:

I’ve been having electrical problems lately which have resulted in there being no power in my upstairs bathroom for many weeks now. So naturally I’m thinking, ‘god, please - not an escalation in electrical issues! let it just be a poltergeist or a satanic haunting or a serial killer lurking in the hallway - anything but electrical!’

But as I sat up, I noticed a small movement in the corner of my eye at the same time that the light went out again. and then on again.

Well, strangely enough, I have a light switch in my kitchen at the back of the house that operates the foyer light at the front of the house. And as it turns out, there is a table right under that switch and our new kitten (Madeline, aka ‘Frenchy’) had jumped up on the table, discovered the switch and was happily engaged in pushing it up and down…

So it’s good news - no electricals, no hauntings, no serial killer. just the kitten… :slight_smile:

Good lord people, aren’t any of you world-class fraidy cats? If I’d heard the vacuum cleaner running in the middle of the night I’d done what any sensible person would have done and promptly assumed the Satanic OCD Clean Freak Serial Killer was once again on the loose and was prepared to dismember me in some gruesome way — right after my living room floor was completely crumb-free.

I wanted you to know exactly which words made your post magical for me.

I had a cat named 14. I had a cat named Triskadecaphobia. I had a cat named Spaulding. Boris is not bad.

At least you didn’t name him Five.

I once was woken at 3 a.m. by a mechanical voice coming from the hallway. Scared the fuck out of me.
Turns out it was the smoke alarm (came with the house we moved into 7 months early) that had a voice alert when the battery was low. “Battery low, battery low!”
I didn’t even know that type of smoke alarm exsisted.

I thought cats hated vacuum cleaners.

Your cat was four feet from one? My cats won’t be four ROOMS from one!

Kill mouse and squirrel!

When we had a Roomba, my girlfriend wanted to teach the cat how to ride on it, like the Internet kittehs.