Really, What Choice Did I Have?

I mean, the cat was just laying there, sound asleep. All stretched out, taking in the nice, warm spot on the floor right where the sun was coming through. He looked so comfortable, so content…with his head resting on the vacuum cleaner.

Really, I can’t see how I could’ve not turned it on.

I’m sayin’. It’s not like you WANTED to scare the bejeezus out of the little thing. It was just meant to be.

You’re evil.

I do things like that with my cat too. He makes me evil through his cuteness.

[kitty voice]Sure, that’s MY person, sound asleep, all comfy in bed, how can i not jump on his face with outstretched claws? Just has to happen.[/kitty voice]

Nature abhors a vacuum.

They’re just like cars. Every now and then you gotta test their springs.

Well played, Sir. Og put cats on this earth to give humans something to hassle.

He’s a cat. He’d have done the same to you if he could.

What, no video? You disappoint us.

Yeah, where’s the video?

Was I the only one expecting something else from ewe, Hal?
Making fun of him for that is still funny, right?

Wilco: Dude, last Halloween you dressed as a vacuum cleaner.
Bucky: It was the scariest thing I could think of.

The cat waits.

I laughed out loud. Loudly. What a mind picture! Scared cats are hysterically funny. Cats are for bugging - they bug us, we bug them. It’s symbiotic.

I’ve been tempted to do the same thing to my kittens. But I’ve never actually gone through with it. You’re evil. :smiley:

Ahem. In fact it was Satchel that was the vacuum. :smiley:

I mean these things are important. If you start misquoting comics soon we’ll be misquoting each other. Then the mods will get angry and ban us all and the Stormfront people will come take over the board. :wink:

Why do you keep turning on animals?

When my roommate’s cat Mila was a kitten, we used to chase her around with the mop just to see her arch her back and do that cute little sideways hop cats do when they are terrified.

You had no choice, kind sir, that’s what cats are for. However, you probably passed up some style points by not prepositioning the hose end near the tip of her tail.:slight_smile:

…as do fluffy tails.
ffffuuhhhhwwwEEEEEEEEEEE…! Thh-uunk…!
“Hello, Mr Dyson? With some minor modifications, you could create the worlds easiest-to-fill cat-carrier. And one that would never lose suction…”