Louisiana senate race

How does it come to pass that two Republicans are running?


For some reason, Louisiana doesn’t have separate primaries. Everyone from all the parties run at once on a single ballot on November 5th, and if no one gets a majority of the vote, the top two vote getters have a runoff in December.

Vermont has a bizarre governor’s race setup. If no one gets 50% of the vote today, the race is decided by the state legislature.


Is this related to the Straight Dope column How do I go about making a voodoo doll? (29-Dec-2000) :confused:
If so, let me suggest that you Louisianians take your politics a little too seriously. Express your displeasure in the voting booth, not with witchcraft!

Say what?

I think Arnold was having fun with your forum error.

I gathered that, but what does screwing up the forum jump pull down menu have to do with Voodoo?

Presumably it was the only Louisiana-related post that seemed to apply in some weird way. In other words, he was joshing you. :wink:

Who is Josh?

Josh is the name of my voodoo doll, who is a composite representation of all the people who post in the wrong forum at the SDMB.

So, where do you buy your pins? Not those little dinky sewing things, but acupuncture needles. The kind that you can really get some force behind?

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