Louisiana Summer Heat Melts You Into a Puddle? (New Orleans in a Box)

Does anyone know what that card (“Louisiana Summer Heat Melts You Into a Puddle”) means in New Orleans in a Box (a Monopoly variant)?

A friend of mine has the game and we play somewhat regularly and have yet to figure it out…

Thanks for your replies

I can only assume that you’ve never been to N’Awlins in August.

98°F - below sea level - 80% humidity - Extreme UV Index - Air so thick you have to backstroke instead of walk.

I haven’t played this game, but I’ve lived that card. “Louisiana Summer Heat Melts You Into a Puddle”? Yes it does. 5 minutes of trying to walk the French Quarter and you are SO looking for a cab.

I am not familar with that game but I did go to college in New Orleans (Tulane) and stayed through the summers. It just seems like a statement of fact and a warning to stay away during June, July, and August. Have you ever been to New Orleans during the summer? Don’t and just say that you did. I am from another part of the deep south and it really is that freaking hot.

Ok, that probably wasn’t helpful at all. Can you tell us what the card is used for and where it fits into the game?

You were there when the humidity was only 80%. That must have been one of those Sahara fronts moving through. Try 90+% humidity for a more typical day. It is cool because you can actually tread air for a little while until you pass out and fall down from heat exhaustion.

I knew I was going to leave some crucial piece of information out… I wanted to know what effect the card was supposed to produce, IE “Lose a turn”, “Go back 5 spaces”, something along those lines…

But I can appreciate high heat and humidity. Chambersburg is located in a nice little valley where the moisture just accumulates. It gets rather muggy here in the summer.

I spent a few months in Mississippi 5-6 years ago and it seemed dryer there than it does around here, for what that’s worth…

I believe it’s one of the Community Chest cards…either that or Chance. Our best guess is that it means “Lose a turn”, but I’d like to know for sure…

Ask them that thought it up… Here’s where you can contact the producer: Late for The Sky Production Company

Link is for comments or questions. Phone numbers are also found on this page.

Tell you what, come down here this month and you’ll find out what muggy is all about. 90 degrees with 90% humidity (though for the next couple days it’s not supposed to be that bad, oddly) is hideous. I honestly do not understand how anybody at all survived here before air conditioning. Ick.

I don’t know the game, but the card is right on. I hate August. Oh, how I hate it. Which is why I’m staying inside!

Lived my forst 29 years in New Orleans. You are right on.

Things are especially bad downtown and in the Quarter because of all the asphalt. A block or two walk would leave me dripping in my business-casual work clothes.

That same “cool” front came through here yesterday. Our high today is only 88 degrees! <does a jig>

Before A/C, brick and stone buildings with high ceilings were the norm. Wide windows were also placed to provide some degree of circulation. I lived in an un-air-conditioned dorm on LSU’s campus with these features. It didn’t exactly make the building cool like an A/C unit would, but it was better than nothing. During the day, you could actually hang out in your dorm with the fan on and forget about the heat – though you were definitely still sweating.

Also, IIRC, people ante-A/C were just more tolerant of being sweaty all the time.