Lou's new favorite band of the moment: the Dresden Dolls

Okay, sometimes it takes me a while to catch onto stuff. The Dresden Dolls have been around for a couple years already, but I’m only recently discovering them. At least I’m falling in love with them! I want to describe the images that their music creates in my head.

Imagine, if you will, a girl singer who is institutionalized in an old-fashioned asylum, where she thinks she’s a 1920s cabaret performer. She has powdered her face bone-white and wears a corset and a garter belt and ripped stockings with seams down the back. She plays a piano, which the doctors kindly allow her to have in her small room, for therapy. She imagines her room to be a smoky and raucous dancehall in Weimar Republic-era Germany, where she is the headlining entertainer, sort of like an oversexed Tori Amos by way of a Gothed-out Sally Bowles, performing for a packed house of horny, disturbed madmen in some sweaty, seamy hell-cabaret. She also has a VERY good drummer backing her up.

Like I said, this is just what the music from their self-titled first album makes me think of. Luckily, singer/pianist Amanda Palmer is perfectly sane. She and drummer Brian Viglione, the two members of the Dresden Dolls, are from Boston. They have a new album, Yes, Virginia…, that I haven’t heard yet but intend to buy very shortly. They also have a live DVD that is available on Amazon.com for $6.99, which I also need to pick up sooner rather than later. I’d have to recommend them to fans of Tom Waits and Nick Cave (two of my favorite artists), as well as open-minded Tori Amos fans and anyone else who likes DARK music, but not metal and not consciously “Goth”-type stuff. They have a website with pictures, bios, lyrics, and even some downloads: http://www.dresdendolls.com/

Yes! I’ve liked The Dresden Dolls for a couple of years now, and it’s nice seeing them getting more attention. I’ve never seen them live unfortunately, but I’ve heard that they encourage fans to be part of the show by dressing up like Klaus Nomi or alabaster statues and those fans sometimes become “living statues” not moving at all. That’s gotta be hard. I’m an old slob who couldn’t stay still for 10 seconds, and the thought (me) of dressing up makes me laugh like a loon, but it’s cool that those people who like to do things like that have a band of their own. Good stuff.

Here’s their MySpace page.

The Dresden Dolls have a huge following among teenage goth chicks. I was at their first Seattle show, and I kept thinking Ohmigod, I’m surrounded by goth munchkins.

That being said, Amanda and Brian were very cool. A bunch of folks were talking to them after the show. One of the teenagers asked Brian what else she should be listening to, and in the same breath he recommended both a hardcore punk band and Hoagie Carmichael.

If you like the Dresden Dolls, you should also check out:
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I desperately need to go to one of their shows.

Dresden Dolls is up there in my favorites as well.

Also check out Rasputina. They’re fantastic.

  • Dorothy, a teenage not-really-goth-but-likes-gothy-music chick.

Woot! I’m so intensly excited to see them next month, with the Hush Sound and PANIC! At the Disco. I’ll be able to indulge my inner goth chick, as well as my inner emo-boy lovin’ chick.

I absolutely love their first CD; haven’t heard the new one yet.

I just found out that they’re on tour now, and my brother-in-law bought my husband and me tickets to see them at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City. Sure, they’re coming to Chicago, but they’ll be playing Lollapalooza, and I’m sure they have bouncer cameras at the ticket booths, so if anyone too old or not cool-looking enough tries to buy tickets, it’ll say the tickets are sold out, or a laugh track will start or something. I’d rather pay the money to go to Kansas City. At least then I’ll get to see relatives as a side bonus.

I’ll finally get to see The Dresden Dolls live…whooo!

I first heard about them via a parody of one of their songs, Beer Activated Girl .

I still haven’t gotten around to buying any of their albums, but I need to.

I’ve never heard of them, but it sounds like I should check them out. I’ll take a gander at their MySpace page.

Radio here in KC has been playing them quite a bit ever since their single “Coin Operated Boy”. Their most recent single “Sing” is brilliant. I saw them not last Halloween, but the one before that, and they were having a lot of fun with the crowd, well worth seeing live, if you are into the “not quite goth” crossed with cabaret style.

I loved their last album. “Half Jack” is one of my favorite songs.

I have the new one but haven’t really gotten into it. Maybe I’m just over them. Not sure.